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Alphabetical Index of Labeler Name

Indiana Botanic Gardens International Ethical Labs, Inc. International Ethical Laboratories, Inc. International Ethical Laboratories International Ethical Labs Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Inland Welding Supply dba A-L Compressed Gases ID Biomedical Corporation of Quebec INDICUS PHARMA LLC Insys Therapeutics, Inc. Inel Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Island Supply Welding Co International Nutraceutical Company of America (INCA), LLC Indiana Oxygen Company, Inc. Incyte Corporation Intercell Biomedical LTD Innovatech Inc Ironwood Clay Company, Inc. Idelle Labs, Ltd Innovative Brands, LLC Iddle Labs Ltd. IWS Gas and Supply of Texas, LTD Inspired Beauty Brands International Labs, Inc. Institutional Care Pharmacy Interstate Solutions, Inc. International Wholesale Inc. Inland Supply Co., Inc. Itena Clinical IQ Dental Inventia Healthcare Private Limited Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC ITC Medical Supplies INDUSTRIAL WELDING SUPPLY CO. OF HARVEY, INC. IGI Labs, Inc. iBlanc Inc. iBlanc, Inc. Impala, Inc. Ingenus Pharmaceuticals, LLC Island Abbey Foods Ltd. Ivey Industries Inc. Ivey Industries INTERNATIONAL WATERS PTY. LTD. iNova Pharmaceuticals Pty, Ltd Ingles Market Inc International Pharmaceuticals Inc International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Intendis Inc. Ideas Born to Succeed Internationa Nature Nutraceuticals, Inc International Nature Nutraceuticals Ivy-Dry, Inc. Ivy Dry, Inc. Izun Pharmaceuticals Corporation IBA Molecular North America, Inc. IBA Molecular North America Inc. Industrial Welding & Tool Supply, Ltd. Immunex Corporation ILMO Products Company Ingenue, LLC Industrias Lavin de Mexico S.A. de C.V. International Beauty Exchange International Beauty Exchange Inc Isomers laboratories Inc Isomers Laboratories Inc. INDUSTRIAL SPECIALTIES, INC. Integria Healthcare Ballina Ipca Laboratories Limited I.D.M. Medical Supply Company Inc. IVC Industries, Inc. dba Inverness Medical Nutritionals Group Innovative Manufacturing and Distribution Services, Inc. Innocutis Holdings LLC Innocutis Holdings, LLC ISTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Ista Pharmaceuticals, Inc Innocutis Innocutis Holding LLC Industrial Source IASO Inc International Medication Systems, Limited ImClone LLC Insan Bamboo Salt Inc Imbue Body LLC International Cosmeceuticals, Inc i-Health, Inc. Instituto Grifols, S.A. Ilex Consumer Products Group, LLC Island Respiratory Care, Inc Isis Medical, Inc. Innovation Specialties Isagenix International, LLC Ionx Holdings d/b/a Hello Life, Inc. Ionx Holdings d/b/a HelloLife Inc. Ionx Holdings d/b/a HelloLife, Inc. Ionx Holdings d/b/a HelloLife Ionx Holdings d/b/a Hello Life Inc. IONA PHARMACY Ionx Holdings d/b/a HelloLife LLC Ionx d/b/a HelloLife, LLC IQQU USA Co.

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