FDA Consumer Health Information Updates

>Do Not Use Infant Sleep Positioners Due to the Risk of Suffocation

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is reminding parents and caregivers not to put babies in sleep positioners. These products, sometimes also called "nests" or "anti-roll

>Making Medical Devices Safer at Home

Today, medical devices are often used at home,enabling people with medical conditions to lead full, active lives. However, consumers using them face many challenges. FDA is working

>Shoring Up the Still-Emerging Science of Neonatology

A conversation with FDA's newest neonatologist, Gerri Baer

>Who's in Clinical Trials?

FDA is making demographic information from clinical trials, such as the inclusion of women and minority groups, more easily available and transparent to consumers

>FDA Explores New Uses for MRI Scans

At the National Center for Toxicological Research, scientists are working, in collaboration with the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, on new ways to use MRI machines to

>Developing Orphan Products: FDA and Rare Disease Day

February 28, 2009 is World Rare Disease Day � an important time for bringing attention to the needs of people with rare diseases

>Ensuring Food Safety: The Cooperative Retail Food Program

How do you know that the food at your local restaurant, neighborhood grocery store, or your child’s school cafeteria is safe to eat? Learn how government agencies work together

>Recognize Tobacco in its Many Forms

Tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of disease and death in the United States, but can you recognize a tobacco product? Learn more about the array of new tobacco

>FDA's Smoking Prevention Campaigns: Reaching Teens Where They 'Live'

FDA uses innovative public education campaigns to educate youth about the dangers of smoking

>Whole Genome Sequencing: Cracking the Genetic Code for Foodborne Illness

Increasingly, FDA has used whole genome sequencing to support investigations of foodborne illness outbreaks. Industry is also starting to use whole genome sequencing to monitor

>Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC): A "Cool" Trend that Lacks Evidence, Poses Risks

A growing number of wellness centers, spas, and sports rehabilitation centers are promoting whole body cryotherapy (WBC) as an effective way to treat chronic pain and a host of

>Warning: Aspirin-Containing Antacid Medicines Can Cause Bleeding

Drugs containing an antacid and aspirin, and used to treat heartburn, sour stomach, acid indigestion, or upset stomach, can cause serious bleeding, FDA warns. Read the Drug Facts

>Juvenile Arthritis: Discoveries Lead to Newer Treatments

Juvenile arthritis is one of the most common chronic illnesses affecting children. Learn about new therapies that moderate the effects of the disease

>Most Young Children With a Cough or Cold Don't Need Medicines

Sometimes a cold is just a cold. What can worried parents do when their babies and young children have a cold or cough? The FDA has some advice and tips

>Codeine and Tramadol Can Cause Breathing Problems for Children

The FDA is strengthening drug labels for codeine and tramadol to protect children and nursing babies

>For Women: The FDA Gives Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

More women die from heart disease than from any other cause. But women can take action to decrease their risk. The FDA offers many resources to help educate women of all ages about

>Dose Matters: FDA's Guidance on Children's X-rays

FDA is committed to protecting the health of children by helping lower their exposure to radiation from X-ray exams

>Is My Dog or Cat a Healthy Weight? Important Questions to Ask the Vet

Just as obesity has become a serious problem in people, it's also a growing problem in pets, one that can seriously harm your pet's health

>It's Not Too Late to Get Your Flu Shot

Think it's too late to get a flu shot? Not so. Find out why

>You May Be Surprised by How Much Salt You're Eating

FDA is encouraging industry to gradually reduce the amount of sodium in foods. Consumers have the opportunity to comment

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