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Drug Candidates to Treat Antibiotic-resistant Infections Identified

Potential new drug candidates

Patients on Opioids for Chronic Pain Face Health Care Access Problems

Getting access to primary care not available for patients

High Rates of Opioid Prescriptions for Osteoarthritis: Study

In Sweden, between November 2014 and October 2015, every fourth

Opioid Use is Decreased in Patients Treated With NSAIDS Post-surgery

Post-surgery prescription containing NSAIDs like ibuprofen

Opioids Prescribed More for a Sprained Ankle: Study

Opioid prescription found to be high among patients with ankle sprain injuries

Antibiotic Stewardship Refines Prescription For Respiratory Infection

Drug overuse in acute respiratory infection (ARI

New Shingles Vaccine Decreased Occurrence in Patients Who Had Stem Cell Transplantation: Study

New, nonlive shingles

Increased Rates of Opioid Prescription for Osteoarthritis Patients

One in every four patients with

Antibiotics Weaken Flu Defenses in the Lung: Study

Antibiotics were found to leave the lung vulnerable to flu viruses, leading

Antidepressants Reduce Deaths in Patients With Diabetes

In patients with diabetes and depression, antidepressants were found to

Drug Holiday Affects Bone Health: IOF Review

Effects of giving a break to bisphosphonates or denosumab therapy were

Buprenorphine Sale Without Prescription Saves Lives: study

Increasing access to buprenorphine

Immunotherapy Works for Resistant Bowel Cancer: Study

Immunotherapy found to treat bowel cancer

Drug Target for Chemically Induced Parkinson's Identified

CYP2D6 enzyme found to metabolize alkaloids present in

New Technique Reveals How TB Antibiotics Reach Site of Action

TB Antibiotic's mechanism of action and how they reach the target can be

Artificial DNA Control Active Ingredients Release From Drugs

Hydrogels and artificial DNA helps

Solid Gold Nanoparticles Boost Immune System: Study

Gold nanoparticle's influence on

Clinics Address Opioid Crisis via Stewardship With Pharmacists Intervention

Pharmacists found to play an essential

Opioids Prescribed More for Gout Patients: Study

Opioids were found to be commonly prescribed to patients with gout

Drug Found to Increase the Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Anti-TNF (and) #945; agents were

Common Blood Pressure Drug may Raise the Risk of Developing Bowel Disease

Taking a popular blood pressure medicine known as calcium-channel blocker may

Diabetic Heart Attack Patients Benefit from Cholesterol-lowering Injections

Cholesterol-lowering injections found to reduce heart

Esmolol-based Drug Combination Provides Cardiac Protection

Esmolol combined with epinephrine

Statins Reduce Mortality (and) Stroke Risk in Dementia Patients

Statins decrease the risk of mortality in dementia

Improved Vaccine for Bacterial Meningitis, Bloodstream Infections Developed

New native outer membrane vesicle (NOMV) vaccine

New Scabies Treatment is More Efficacious: Study

Mass drug administration against scabies decreased the infection rate

Chronic Statin Usage Reduces the Risk of Glaucoma

Statin usage for five or more

Antidepressants Interact With Opioids Lessening Pain Relief

Common antidepressants found to interact with opioid medication

Remote-controlled Drug Implant helps to Manage Chronic Diseases

Continuous, fixed doses of chronic disease medications used for arthritis

Statins Increase the Risk of Diabetes: New Study

Patients who were prescribed cholesterol-lowering drugs named statins

Oral Steroids Raise Infection Risk in Inflammatory Disease Patients

Oral steroid usage among patients with inflammatory

New Ways to Deliver Drugs Through the Skin Revealed

Nanoemulsion gels with FDA-approved components were found to

Body-on-a-chip Model Tests Efficacy and Toxicity of Cancer Drugs

"Body-on-a-chip" model could measure drug's

Statins Reduce Stroke (and) Cardiovascular Events in Cancer Patients Post Radiation

Cancer patients taking statins after radiation

New Way to Curb Inappropriate Antibiotic Use Identified

Educating physicians and patients on

New Drug Found to Encourage Bone Growth in Dwarf Patients

Experimental drug called vosoritide found to interfere with proteins that

Antidepressants Found to Reduce Empathy to Pain Perception

Antidepressants can lead to decreased empathy to

Repurposing or Combining Drugs Treats Autoimmune Diseases

Re-purposing the current drugs or combining therapies found useful

Blood Pressure Drug Found Useful for Alzheimer's Disease

Hypertension drug Nilvadipine found to increase the blood flow to the brain's

Tildrakizumab Found Safe (and) Effective in Psoriatic Arthritis

Tildrakizumab was found to be safe and effective for treating

New Assay Using Blood Estimates Antimalarial Resistance

Whole blood assay simplifies the

Drug Used for Heart Failure Could Treat Leukemia

Drug initially used for heart

Novel Drug to Combat Resistant TB Soon in UP

Uttar Pradesh may get a new drug to fight the

Malaria Drug to Alleviate Hearing Loss in Genetic Disorders

Anti-malarial drug Artemisinin could help prevent hearing loss associated with

Drug Targeting DNA Repair Makes Tumors Susceptible to Chemo

Chemotherapy drugs kill cancer cells by damaging their DNA. But, certain

New Regimen Improves Outcomes in Kidney Transplant Patients

Immunosuppressive belatacept-based regimen can

Opioids Prescribed for Pain Found to Disrupt Sleep

Evidence that opioid intake will

Dietary Supplements Increase Hospitalization in Children, Young Adults

Taking dietary supplements that are sold for weight loss

Blood Pressure Drug Found to Decrease the Risk of Dementia

Antihypertensive drug usage was associated with a decreased risk of

Immunotherapy Drug Appears Safe for Cancer Patients With HIV

HIV Patients having certain deadly

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