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New Research Reinforce Effectiveness of Esketamine Nasal Spray for Depression

Esketamine nasal spray is found to

Statin Use Lowers Dementia Risk After Concussion in Older Adults

Statins help reduce the risk of developing dementia

New Pain Relievers With No Addiction Risk Identified

Natural enzyme that "chews up fat" molecules to produce chemical signals

Research to Help Prevent Relapse in Cocaine Use Disorder

Healthcare workers could find out the patients who are at high risk of relapse

Simultaneous Therapy Advisable for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) patients

Buprenorphine Prescribed More by Primary Care Physicians in Nonmetropolitan Areas

Buprenorphine is nearly twice as

Policies of Few Asian Nations on Illicit Drug Use Found to be Changing

Stringent policies

Top Five Rules to Tackle Antibiotic Resistance Proposed

Dr Ben Raymond, of the University of Exeter has

New Way to Stop Inflammation Discovered

New method to stop inflammation, discovered by the University of

Antivirals Over Prescribed by Doctors in Australia For Flu

Antivirals were over prescribed by Australian doctors for people with flu who may

Grape Fruit Juice To Be Avoided by Certain Patients

Grapefruit juice has to be avoided by

Statins May Reduce Premature Death Risk in Colorectal Cancer Patients

Taking statins can reduce the risk of early death

Direct Dispensing of Naloxone to Reduce Opioid Overdose Deaths

States that adopted laws which allow

New Smart Pill Bottle That Keeps Drugs Safe Developed

Researchers used a new sensor technology to create a smart pill

Drug for Rheumatoid Arthritis to Decrease Zika Birth Defects in Mice

Immunosuppressive drug used for arthritis could reduce the

Relaunch of New Index That Tracks Impact of Pharmaceuticals Worldwide

New index that tracks more diseases

New Drug Reduces Relapse Risk With Neuromyelitis Optica

In neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD

Needleless Vaccine Will Protect Kids from Dangerous Viruses

Needleless vaccine can protect millions from dangerous viruses. Hence, a

Azithromycin Reduces Treatment Failure in COPD Exacerbations

Common antibiotic

Treatment-resistant Gonorrhea: Antibiotic Drug Combination Proves Effective

For treating genital gonorrhea, antibiotic gentamicin

Investigational Drug Has Potential to Treat Genetic Form of ALS

New experimental drug slowed down the

Antibiotics Benefit Patients With Endometriosis

In mice, treatment with antibiotic metronidazole was

New Method Could Help Produce Pure (and) Safe Drugs

New method which could speed up the drug discovery process

Drugs Show Promise in Treating Stroke, Dementia

Two drugs commonly used to treat heart disease and angina show promise in

Blood Thinners found to Decrease the Risk of Heart attack

Blood thinners usage among patients with worsening heart

Thiazides found To Decrease the Risk of Fractures In Alzheimer's

Thiazide diuretics usage was associated with reduced risk of low energy

Cannabidiol Lessens the Brain Impairment Caused by Cannabis

Cannabidiol (CBD) amount in cannabis could determine the

Cancer Patients More Likely to Use Marijuana and Opioids

Many patients with cancer found to use marijuana, and rates of use in the U

Opioid Dose Variability Could be a Risk Factor for Opioid Overdose

New study highlights that opioid

On-chip Drug Screening Identifies Antibiotic Resistance

A new microfluidic-based drug screening chip developed by a KAIST

Cannabidiol Aids to Deliver Medications into the Brain

Cannabidiol (CBD) could aid to deliver medications to the

New Natural Arsenic-Based Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic Discovered

New broad-spectrum antibiotic

Diabetes Drug to Lessen the Risk of Heart Disease in Non-diabetics

Common diabetes drug metformin could

Novel Weapon to Target Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Antibiotic resistance could be addressed through a new tool

Medicines Used for Enlarged Prostate Raises Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Men with enlarged prostates should continue to take commonly

One Step Closer to Treating Painful Jaw Disease

New study moves one step forward in curing osteonecrosis of the jaw which is

Hepatitis C To Be Prevented By Decreasing Transmission Among People Who Inject Drugs

Augmenting efforts to avoid transmission of hepatitis C among

Investigational Drug Has Potential to Treat Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

Rapastinel, a new experimental drug

Common Food Preservative May Influence How Well Flu Vaccines Work

Commonly used food preservative may have an

New Therapy Target for Drug-induced Liver Failure Discovered

Therapies that boost the levels of protein thrombospondin-1 could help the

Psychedelic Drug MDMA Reopens 'Critical Period' Which Aids to Treat Stress Disorder

Psychedelic drug MDMA reawakens a window, called "

Regular Intake of Sleeping Pills may Impact BP

Be cautious of using sleeping pills on a regular basis. According to a new

Gout-Treating drug could prevent Obesity-related Type 2 Diabetes

The arthritic condition gout-treating drug colchicine could

New Model Key to Designing Effective Therapies for Brain Disorders Developed

Scientists have developed a novel mathematical model

Nanovaccine Boosts Metabolic Syndrome Immunity

In mice with metabolic disorders, nanovaccine developed by Cornell

Cancer Prevention Drug Reduces Virulence of H. Pylori Bacterium

New chemoprevention drug named DFMO(

Potential New Drugs for Tuberculosis Pathogen

New way to improve the prevention of

Combine Music With Painkillers For Instant Pain Relief

Pairing music with painkillers can provide an effective

Medicine Used in Pregnancy For PCOS may Lead to Obesity in Children

Pregnant mothers suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (

Fresh Insights into RSV Vaccine

New insights into respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine development can save

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