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Anti-smoking Drug to Control Neurons

Anti-smoking drug is re-purposed for a new indication

Mosquito-killing Drug Can Reduce Malaria in Young Children

Anti-mosquito drug offers new hope for malaria treatment, reports a new study

Inactive Ingredients in Pills Cause Allergic Reactions

Majority of the most commonly prescribed medications in the U.S. contain at least

Fake and Substandard Drugs Kill Children Worldwide

Worldwide substandard and falsified drugs for treating pneumonia

Cutting the Standard Dose of Acetazolamide Won't Reduce Its Effectiveness

Trekkers and climbers taking low dose of acetazolamide which is 62.5 mg twice

New Guidelines on Polymyxins, Life-saving Antibiotic Issued

New guidelines on the use of polymyxins, a class of antibiotics employed as

UTIs Could be Non-antibiotically Treated Using Zinc

Non-antibiotic strategies for treating bacterial

Vaccine Efficiency Decreases As The Exposure To Viral Load Increases: Study

The efficiency of measles vaccine can become less

Cholesterol-lowering Statins Increase Diabetes Risk

Individuals taking cholesterol-lowering agents

Role of Anti-inflammatory Drug in Boosting Cardiac Reprogramming

Once damaged, the human heart does a

New Approaches to Drug Discovery Discovered

Scientists have described the use of 13 molecular tools for evaluating

Antibiotics: New Insights

Indiana University researchers have invented

'Microdoses' of Psychedelic Drugs to Treat Depression and Anxiety

Lava lamps, tambourines and, psychedelic drugs were

New Vaccine for Tuberculosis that can be Delivered Via Spray

Tuberculosis is a disease affecting the lungs

Steroid Use Not to Reduce Risk of Acute Kidney Injury

Using steroids during cardiac bypass surgery could not decrease

Junk Food Sales Increase After Pot Legalization

Legalizing recreational marijuana increased junk food sales, reports a

Antibiotic Courses Not in Line With Guidelines

Most of the prescribed antibiotic courses for

New Method for Accurate Drug Delivery

If traditional drug delivery was a type of

Old Drug to Benefit Patients With Mitochondrial Disease

Drug already used for a rare kidney disease could benefit patients

Steroid Injections Linked to Low Birth Weight

In a study of more than a quarter of a million births

Use of Medication Abortion Picked Up After FDA Label Change

Use of medication abortion or "the abortion

New Targets for Ischemic Drugs Identified

Russian scientists investigated the role of opioid receptors in

New, Highly Sensitive Test System for Anti-inflammatory Drugs Developed

The research team led by pharmacists Dr Jana Gerstmeier and

Complex Medication Regimens in Patients With Lung Disease

Patients with interstitial lung disease--a group of disorders with

Drug Overdose Death Rates Highest in America

In the most comprehensive international comparison of its kind, a

New Drug Nitisinone Benefits People With Albinism


Common Antibiotics to Fight Resistant E. Coli

Group of scientists in Denmark are trying to get one step ahead in the

Approach to Improve Immunotherapy for Cancer

New study on laboratory mice found that Dasatinib, an FDA-approved drug to

New Compound to Prevent Common Surgery Complication

Johns Hopkins scientists created and screened 45,000 new compounds

Common Heartburn Drug may Lead to Kidney Disease Risk

People suffering from heartburn or stomach

Acid Reflux Medications to Increase Kidney Disease Risk

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) like Prilosec, Nexium and Prevacid

Acetaminophen to Reduce In-hospital Delirium

Around half of the patients who undergo cardiac surgery

New Therapeutic Approach to Treat Osteoarthritis

Researchers from Texas A (and) M University, led by Dr. Akhilesh K

Anti-fungal Used for Yeast Infections to Cause Miscarriage

Fluconazole, the commonly used oral anti-fungal to treat vaginal

Mechanism of Development of Antibiotic Resistance Identified


Animal Venom as a Source of New Medicines

Animal venoms are the subject of study at a

Antidepressant Could Save from Deadly Sepsis

An antidepressant drug used to treat

Statins to Protect Against Motor Neuron Disease

High cholesterol could increase the risk of

Antiepileptic Drug Use and Dementia Not Linked

In over 100,000 patients followed in general and

New Approaches to Cure Drug-resistant Tuberculosis

Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) can be cured in conflict-affected

New Painkiller Acts Long (and) Less Addictive Than Morphine

Three versions of natural nanoparticle have

New Method to Identify Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria


Bio-print Model for Improved Anticancer Drugs and Treatments

Researchers of the University of Minnesota have developed a way to study

Measures to Reduce Antibiotic Usage Require a Tailored Approach

Fear of leaving infectious

Drug Discovery Through Machine Learning Algorithm

New machine learning algorithm

Erenumab Provides Added Benefit for Certain Migraine Patients

Erenumab was the first drug of a new drug class

Aspirin Underutilized to Prevent Colon Cancer among Risky Patients


Ingestible Injections Through a new Drug Delivery Device

A new ingestible device, inspired by the self-orienting shape of

Oral Vaccines Powered by Micromotors Developed

Oral vaccines powered by micromotors that

Anti-diabetic Drug Has the Potential to Change Your Gut Microbiome: Here's How

Acarbose, an anti-diabetic drug can alter the gut microbiome

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