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Projected Growth: Psychedelic Drug Market Anticipated to Hit (Dollor) 7.2 Billion by 2029

The medlinkpsychedelic/medlink drug market is poised for

Promising ALS Drug Candidate Extends Lifespan

A research team at the University of Helsinki, in

Amoxicillin-Calvulanate Vs Amoxicillin Preference in Child Sinusitis Treatment

Patients with acute sinusitis who were prescribed amoxicillin-clavulanate

ADHD Medication Errors Surge by Nearly 300%

As per the research findings, there was a staggering 299% surge in

Unknown Medication Side Effects Reported by 52% of Indian Families

An astonishing 52 percent of Indian

Painkillers With Hormonal Contraception Linked to Blood Clot Risk

Women who use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain relievers combined with

Finger Sweat Test Enables Antipsychotic Drug Detection

Scientists have discovered a

Low-Dose Aspirin Cuts Diabetes Risk by 15%

The utilization of a daily 100mg

Underused Antidepressant For Postnatal Depression Improves Child Outcomes

Treatment with

Anti-diabetic Drug Semaglutide Benefits Patients With Heart Failure And Obesity

In patients dealing with both medlinkobesity/medlink and heart failure with

Anti-diabetic Drug Semaglutide for Patients With Fatty Liver Disease

SAMARA Study clinical trial

Aspirin's Role in Second Heart Attack Prevention Often Overlooked

Even though scientific evidence supports the efficacy of

Enhanced Contraceptive Levermeloxifene Launched

An innovative contraceptive named '

New Antibody Ab-IPL-IL-17 Holds Promise for Rheumatoid Arthritis and IBD

Ab-IPL-IL-17 antibody demonstrates heightened

A Safer Path: Promising New Drug for Spinal Cord Injuries

Promising new oral drug for medlinkspinal cord injuries/medlink

New Gut-Restricted Drug Offers Hope for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients

A recent research involving mice and lab-created

NASH Drug Market Holds Enormous Untapped Potential

The development of medlinkdrugs/medlink to

Wegovy Weight Loss Drug Reduces Heart Attack and Stroke Risk

The widely used medlinkweight loss/medlink medication Wegovy

CEPI Partners with Gennova for mRNA Vaccine Tech Against 'Disease X'

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations medlink(CEPI)/

Statins and Fibrates for Dyslipidemia: Market to Grow to (Dollor) 15.53 Billion by 2032

Drug sales in the dyslipidemia market are expected to

'Polypills' Added to List of World Health Organization's Essential Medicines

The World Health

Janssen's New Oral Drug Provides New Hope for Psoriasis Treatment

The latest clinical trial results of JNJ-2113, the new, first-in-

Safety and Efficacy of a Prescribed Drug in Treating Chronic Migraine

New trial state that Atogepant, a prescription

New Vaccine Could Help Prevent or Mitigate Alzheimer's Disease

A groundbreaking medlinkvaccine/medlink developed to

Designing Pain-Relieving Drugs That Avoid Opioid Addiction

Developing a new wave of medlinkpain-relieving drugs/medlink

Do Antiseizure Drugs Pose Risks to Neurological Development?

Young children whose mothers were exposed to commonly-prescribed

Psychostimulants: A Magic Pill to Fight Stimulant Use Disorder

Prescribing psychostimulant medications may

How Do Lipid Nanoparticles Improve Drug Delivery?

Addressing medlinkdrug delivery/medlink challenges, researchers aim to

World's First Drug to Regrow Missing Teeth Takes a Step Closer

In a dental breakthrough, a team of Japanese

Lecanemab: Alzheimer's Drug Approved for Slowing Disease Progression


Diarrhea Vaccines Improves Growth in Animal Model

The medlinkvaccine/medlink initially created to combat bacteria-induced

Evaluating Added Value in Drug Approval's Supplemental Indications

A recent study published in the iBMJ/i

New Drug Mirikizumab Proves Beneficial in Patients With Ulcerative Colitis

A novel drug developed was found to prove effective as a treatment

How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Opioids for Acute Back and Neck Pain

In acute back and neck pain treatment, medlinkopioid

First Drug Designed With Generative AI Enters Phase II Trial

medlinkArtificial intelligence/medlink

Exploring the Link Between Benzodiazepine Use and Brain Injury


New Treatment for Liver Fibrosis Discovered

In patients with nonalcoholic

Promise of Repurposed Drug to Treat Irregular Heartbeat

Anti-cancer drug medlinkruxolitinib/medlink was

Could Aspirin Use Lead to Anemia Risk?

Among healthy older adults, low-dose medlinkaspirin/medlink is associated with

Say Goodbye to Injections, Hello to Oral Relief With Robotic Pills for Osteoporosis

A study presented at ENDO 2023 has unveiled a promising

Dry Eyes? Probiotics to the Rescue

A recent Baylor College of Medicine study showcased the potential of

Why Are Hypothyroidism Patients Receiving Treatment Other Than Levothyroxine?

The use of thyroid medications other than levothyroxine to treat

Cognition-Boosting 'Smart Drugs' Not So Smart for Healthy People

Cognitive enhancers, often dubbed as "smart" drugs

The Impact of 'Choosing Wisely' Intervention on Antibiotic Overuse

Choosing Wisely guidelines help decrease antibiotic prescriptions by 18

Defending the Gift of Life: Letermovir's Potential in Treating CMV Infections!

Results from a phase-III medlinkclinical trial/medlink

AstraZeneca's Liver Cancer Drug Approved by CDSCO in India

AstraZeneca Pharma India has

FDA Issues Warning About Compounded Diabetes Drug Semaglutide Products

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning on

Parkinson's Unmet Needs Creates Path for New Entrants into the Market

The effectiveness of the medlinkParkinsons

How Microrobots Could Help Treat Bladder Diseases?

Tiny, self-propelled robots developed may help deliver prescription

How Can Multivitamin Supplements Slow Cognitive Aging?

Among older adults, daily

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