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Drug for Acidity Curbs Preterm Birth: Study

Lansoprazole, an over-

Antibiotics Kill Bacteria By a Novel Method: McMaster

Novel glycopeptide antibiotics attack

Shingles Vaccine may Avert Stroke Risk: Study

Shingles are bad enough on its own, but the painful illness may also

Telemedicine Helps Pregnant Women Deal With the Taboo Issue

Sarah, a military veteran living on the coast of South Carolina

Researchers Reveal How Statins Cause Muscle Pain

Statins cause increased production of a protein

Selecting Routine Pain Relievers is complicated

Benefits and risks of over-the-counter medications for pain like aspirin

Missing Medication Doses Can Bring Serious Consequences

One in three patients nationwide were found to fail to fill

Drug to Improve Fetal Growth can Impair Baby's Postnatal Blood Pressure, Sugar Levels

Drug recently assessed as a potential treatment for fetal

Viagra Users Suffer From the Visual Disturbances: Study

Sildenafil or Viagra could increase the risk of persistent visual

Cancer-fighting Compound May Reduce Fat

Cancer-fighting compound G-1

High Opioid Doses May Not Decrease Pain: Study

Increasing opioid prescription doses for chronic pain

Does Opioid Pain Killer Tramadol Raise Hip Fracture Risk?

Pain killer tramadol raises the risk of hip fractures more

First Peanut Allergy Drug Approved by FDA for Kids

In a new, groundbreaking development in the fight against food

Scientists Develop Safer, Less Costly Polio Vaccine

Uniformed Services University (USU) have developed an effective, safer-to-handle

Heart Failure Can be Treated With an Existing Anticancer Drug

Pre-existing anticancer medication

Mothers Taking Antiepileptic Drugs can Safely Breastfeed

Antiepileptic drug (AED) exposure in infants who were breastfed by

Path Towards Better Anti-cancer Drugs

How oncogene CDK8 gets activated in healthy humans? The

Human Body-on-chip Systems Improve Drug Testing

New comprehensive multi-organ-on-a-Chip (Organ Chip) platform helps in

New Aspects of Tauopathy May Aid to Design Effective Drugs

Addition of phosphate groups or hyper

Blood Pressure Drug Tied to Lower Risk of Gout

Amlodipine, an antihypertensive drug can decrease the long-term gout

Edema Drug Improves Symptoms of Autism: Study

Bumetanide, the drug prescribed for edema (the build-up of fluid in the body

Hormone-blocking Drug Reduces Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

New, rapidly reversible oral pill can reduce heavy menstrual

US FDA Approves 1st Drug for Thyroid Eye Disease Treatment

US FDA approved teprotumumab, to be sold as Tepezza, the first drug for the

Novel Drug Prevents Liver Damage, Obesity (and) Glucose Intolerance

New drug CTPI-2 can prevent Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD

Computer Settings Influence Opioid Prescriptions

Minor, no-cost computer changes can

Israeli Researchers Brings Hope to Patients With Resistant Infections

Antibiotic resistant infections can be treated with currently-

Weed may Not Ease Sleep Problems in the Long Run

Medicinal cannabis may not ease the sleep problems of people

Racial Differences Seen in Drug Prescriptions for Dementia

Blacks and Asians with dementia are not receiving the same quality of care

Acid Reflux Drugs may Have Adverse Side Effects for Breast Cancer Survivors

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are used in cancer patients to

Inexpensive Drug May Down Treatment-resistance in Leukemia

Routine and cheap medication

Weed can Impair Your Driving Skills Long After the High is Gone

Marijuana use may have an impact on driving ability even 12 hours after

Better malaria therapies possible by Knowing Drug Interactions

Antimalaria drugs, when

Experimental Drugs Inhibit Bone Loss Due To Chemotherapy

Radiation and chemotherapy can halt cell division in bone

Very Long-term Medication for Schizophrenia is Safe: Study

Taking antipsychotic drugs for longer periods is found to be safe and

Antibiotics may Offer Promising Treatment for Form of Dementia

Taking a class of antibiotics could hold the key to

Antibiotic Tolerance Downs the Ability to Prevent Resistance Under Combo Therapies

Antimicrobial tolerance can

Opioid Antidote Could Save Lives, But Only Few Get It

Naloxone, the drug used to reverse opioid effects, was prescribed only to 2

Antipsychotics May Cause Brain Injuries in Alzheimer's Patients

Antipsychotic medication usage is linked to an increased risk of head

Nanoparticle Flu Vaccine Against Influenza Viruses

Nanoparticle vaccine

Aspirin May Reduce Colorectal Cancer Recurrence (and) Tumor Growth

Daily aspirin may benefit colorectal cancer patients by reducing tumor

New Drug Decreases Progression of Knee Osteoarthritis

New drug can significantly reduce bone and cartilage

India: New Drugs in 2019

The Government of India has introduced the following drugs in 2019

Antimalarial Drugs: New Breakthrough Finding

New molecules capable of inhibiting DNA

Inhibiting an Enzyme Can Reduce the Risk of HIT: Study

Inhibition of a single enzyme can reduce the risk of heparin-

Leftover Prescription Opioids Pose a Great Risk to Kids

Leftover prescription opioids can pose significant risks to children, yet most

Indian-Origin Scientist Creates 'Lemon' for Better Drugs

Indian-American drug discovery researcher-led team from

Improvements in Vaccines Against Meningitis Uncovered

New research has led to an improved vaccine to protect against

Medicinal Cannabis Substitute can Help Unlock New Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

Novel drug from medicinal cannabis provides the benefits

Aspirin may Not Help African-Americans Prevent Heart Attack

Among African Americans, low-dose aspirin was not linked to a

Stroke Drug Improves Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Injury

Conditioned stem cells with a modified form of tissue-type plasminogen

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