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Combination Therapy Benefits Septic Shock Patients

Patients with septic shock receiving the

Are Painkillers Safe for Back Pain?

Safety and efficacy of commonly used medlinkpainkillers/medlink (analgesics

India's First Urinary Incontinence Drug Launched

The Hyderabad-based global pharmaceutical company, MSN Labs

New Ray of Hope for Atrial Fibrillation Patients With Kidney Disease

The new oral anticoagulant (NOAC) drug Xarelto (

Anti-viral Drug Bulevirtide Helps Treat Chronic Hepatitis D

Long-term treatment with anti-viral medication bulevirtide (BLV

Antiviral Drug Paxlovid Linked to Lower Risk of Hospital Admission

Among people with mild to moderate COVID-19, addition of

Price Cap Move Will Place Eli Lilly Strongly in Insulin Market

Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company will be reducing the price of its

Myeloma Drug: New Findings

Fatty acid binding protein 5 (FABP5

Lower Dose of Acetaminophen Linked to Reduced Serious Liver Injury

Food and Drug Administration rule to lower the dosage of

Tool to Identify Existing Drugs to Use in a Future Outbreak Developed

An algorithmic tool developed can spot existing

Self-powered Drug Delivery System Invented

A new technology with the

JAK Inhibitors: Do They Have a Realistic Future in Crohn's Disease Treatment

Galapagos' Jyseleca (filgotinib maleate), the Janus kinase inhibitor (JAKi

Does Active Statin Selection Process Boosts Medication Use?

In patients at risk for cardiovascular events, an "active

Antipsychotic Drug Along With Antidepressant Benefit Older Adults With Depression

Among older adults with treatment-resistant

Antibiotics Combination Proves Effective for Severe Scrub Typhus

Combination therapy with antibiotics doxycycline and

Vitamin D Supplementation may Ward Off Dementia


Vasodilator Drug Reverses Schizophrenia Symptoms

Decreased density of pyramidal

Antibiotic Consumption: Not the Main Driver of Aminoglycoside Resistance Spread

The spread of antibiotic resistance is not largely driven by antibiotic

Steroids and Statins Cut Accelerated Aging

Among preterm babies, steroids were found

New Platform Eases Vaccines' Delivery

Nanoscopic electric vehicle, or EV, can help

Hypertension Drug Delays Ageing

Can an anti-hypertensive

Aspirin Prevents Deadly Complications in Bone Fractures

Patients undergoing surgery to repair bone

WHO Declares Cough Syrups Linked to Uzbekistan Deaths Substandard

The World Health Organization warned against the use of two Indian cough syrups

Simple Letters Promote Better-informed Opioid Prescribing

Increased use of state prescription monitoring

Hydrogel Injections Treat Antibiotic-resistant Infections

An injectable hydrogel developed by researchers treats infections around

Common Asthma Drug may Help Reverse Memory Loss

Human-approved asthma drug roflumilast may offer new hope in treating memory

New Drug Delivery Method Replaces Injections With Medications

A new way of delivering medications developed by

Valuable Comparison of Anticoagulant Drugs

For treating cancer-associated thrombosis, the

'Make in India' Cough Syrups Stir Serious Health Debate

After Uzbekistan's Health Ministry alleged that Indian company Marion Biotech's

Promising Drug Against Hand Osteoarthritis

New drug may help offer hope for people with hand osteoarthritis as per a study

Cancer Linkage Associated With Ranitidine: Dismissed by US Federal Court

District court in Florida has dismissed almost 2,500 lawsuits alleging links

Does Reducing Opioids Prescribed After Knee Surgery Be Beneficial

Prescribing total knee and hip arthroplasty patients

Antiviral Drug Molnupiravir Doesn't cut Hospital Admission Among Vaccinated

Among patients with COVID-19 infection who are on

Antibiotics That Target Drug Resistant Bacteria on the Horizon

The analogs of a new antibiotic that is effective

Promising Antimalarial Drug Proves Ineffective

Rectal artesunate (RAS), the anti-malarial drug was found to prove ineffective

Parathyroid Hormone Based Drug Helps Treat Osteoporosis

In mice with osteoporosis, a new compound that influences

Hypertension Drugs Offer Potential Treatment for Common Kidney Disease

Drugs used to treat hypertension and angina were found to prevent much of the

Wearable Sensor Guides Drug Dosing

A new wearable patch developed by researchers used

New Receptor Drug Neutralizes COVID-19

An experimental drug developed by a team of researchers potently neutralizes

New 'Raspberry-Shaped' Nanoparticle for Precision Drug Delivery

A novel nanoparticle is designed that

How Our Body Clock Influences Vaccine Responses

Research has shed insights into the mechanism behind how our circadian 24-

Integrated Platform Accelerates Drug Discovery

A new method that integrates data from different screening

What Can Maths Do for Drug Discovery

A computer-based platform for drug development designed by

Drug Candidate for Epilepsy Treatment Identified

A new drug candidate developed by researchers has the potential for effectively

Does Morphine Help Patients With Breathing Problems?

The healthcare professionals treat patients with

Combination Therapy Proves Beneficial in Patients With Non-diabetic Kidney Disease

Combination therapy of angiotensin-converting

New Oral Drug for Lowering Cholesterol Discovered

Want to lower your cholesterol levels? Relax, a newly discovered oral drug can be

Antidepressants Delivered to the Brain Through Nose

Intranasal administration has been

Taking Probiotics Along With Antibiotics Reduces Gut Microbiome Damage

Millions of antibiotics are prescribed every

New Drug Improves Constipation in Parkinson's Disease Patients

In Parkinson's disease patients, oral squalamine phosphate ENT-01

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