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Communities That Care Prevention System Helps To Protect Youth From Vices

Students who took part in Communities that Care (CTC) coalitions were

ADHD Medication: Fresh Insights

In children with attention deficit hyperactivity

Some Cancer Drugs Don't Work By Binding To Their Targets

Certain cancer drugs kill tumor cells through off-

Nivolumab Shows More Survival Rate Compared to Chemotherapy

Nivolumab causes five-fold increase in overall

Beware: Commonly Used Antibiotics can Lead to Heart Problems

Taking commonly used ciprofloxacin and other

Durvalumab (and) Chemotherapy Improve Survival in Lung Cancer Patients

Durvalumab combined with

Long-term Antibiotic Use Modifies Preterm Baby's Microbiome

Preterm infants treated with antibiotics for more than 20

Psychiatric Drugs Affect Quantity (and) Composition of Gut Bacteria

Antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs modify the quantity and

Patients Giving Up Chronic Opioid Prescriptions are at More Risk

Patients stopping opioids for pain were

Scientists Reveal New Mechanism Of Resistance Spread Without Antibiotic Use

Novel additional, previously

New Perspective Identified to Reduce Prescription Drug Cost

Medicare spends around (Dollor) 3,590 for a patient's one

More Patients in the US and Canada Receive Opioids Post-Surgery

Patients in the United States and Canada

Blood Thinners Use Questionable After Experiencing Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Patients who restart their blood

Melatonin Has Potential to Prevent Bone Loss Among Astronauts

Bone density decreases among

How Bacteria Causing Hospital Infections Block Antibiotics Revealed

Drug-resistant bacteria causing fatal hospital-acquired

Researchers Reveal How A Routine Drug Helps in Heart Failure

Sacubitril/valsartan, the combination

Diabetes Medication Empagliflozin Helps Reduce Heart Disease

Diabetes drug empagliflozin has a positive effect on cell

Aspirin Recommendation: Fresh Insights

In healthy people over 70, low-dose aspirin does not prolong disability-

Ticagrelor Reduces Heart Attacks in Diabetes Patients

For patients with diabetes, adding ticagrelor to aspirin was found to reduce the

Risk of Heart Failure Low With A New Type 2 Diabetes Drug

SGLT2 inhibitors, drugs which are used to treat

New Drug May Improve Effects of Treatment for PTSD

Medications that boost endocannabinoids can treat PTSD by helping the brain un-

Bio compatible Hi-tech Hydrogel Aids in Delivery of Drugs

Hydrogel-based carrier can deliver small interfering RNA or siRNAs

New Drug Has Potential to Treat Neurological Disorders

New drug can prevent neuronal death by altering glucose

Common Pain Killer Raises the Risk of Hypoglycemia

Tramadol users are at greater risk for

Prevalence of Cannabis Use In Young Cancer Patients Explored

Cannabis can help decrease some of the symptoms of cancer

Reason for Statin-related Muscle Pain Identified

Mechanism behind the muscle pain caused by statins is

Physicians Delay Prescribing New Antibiotics For Superbugs

Novel, efficacious antibiotics are prescribed in only about a quarter of

Cannabis Flower Acts as an Effective Mid-level Analgesic Medication

Cannabis decreases pain, with the

Targeting Measles Virus Polymerase Aids to Develop New Drugs

Targeting key areas of measles viral polymerase can help fight measles

New Drug Target To Reverse Osteoporosis in Mice

New pharmaceutical target can reverse bone degradation

Antibiotic Exposure Raises The Risk of Colon Cancer

Factors Affecting Antibiotic Access (and) Use in Less Well Off Countries

Basic knowledge of drug resistance is widespread in

Electronic Dance Music Party-goers at High Risk of Drug-related Emergencies

People who attend electronic dance music (EDM) parties

Alzheimer's Drug Repairs Neuron Damage In Rats Exposed to Alcohol

Donepezil, the drug used to slow down cognitive decline in Alzheimer's

Dacomitinib in Advanced Lung Cancer: Risks Outweigh Survival Benefit

Dacomitinib, the drug approved by the FDA in April 2019

Excess Blood Pressure Medications During Hospital Discharge Pose Serious Events

Blood pressure medications, when taken in excess amounts by elderly patients at

Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Linked With Increased Treatment of Other Chronic Diseases

Patients receiving treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD) are more

FDA Approves New Pill for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new medication

Charcoal-based Drug Delivery System Enhances Efficacy of Acyclovir

Acyclovir, the common herpes drug, when combined with the

Drug Hastens Blood System's Recovery Post-Chemo (and) Radiation

New drug developed by UCLA physician-scientists and chemists accelerates the

High-fat Foods can Increase Cannabidiol Absorption into the Body

Eating high-fat foods after taking oral cannabidiol (CBD) increased the body

Evolutionary History of Antibiotic Production (and) Resistance Revealed

Natural history of antibiotic

Researchers Search for Ideas to Fight Antibiotic Resistance

How superbugs adapt to fight an antibiotic? Researchers are

Resistance to Two Vital Antibiotics Widespread in Southeast Asia

Osteoporosis Drugs Decrease the Risk of Premature Death

Nitrogen-bisphosphonates, commonly prescribed drugs to treat

FDA Considers Approval of New Anti Tuberculosis Drug

CD8+ T cells help control infection and aid in the development of an

Hepatitis C Drugs can Decrease Liver-related Deaths by Nearly Half

Antiviral drugs for hepatitis C decrease liver-related deaths by

Anti-parasitic Drug Treats Ebola: Study

Nitazoxanide, the existing FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug treats Ebola

New Guidance Helps Prescribers Sort Out Who Needs a Pill Organizer

Prescribers and pharmacists can decide which patients likely to benefit from

Data Indicates Increase in Opioid Use for Treating Migraine

Many Americans are using opioids to treat

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