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Acid Reflux Drugs may Have Adverse Side Effects for Breast Cancer Survivors

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are used in cancer patients to

Inexpensive Drug May Down Treatment-resistance in Leukemia

Routine and cheap medication

Weed can Impair Your Driving Skills Long After the High is Gone

Marijuana use may have an impact on driving ability even 12 hours after

Better malaria therapies possible by Knowing Drug Interactions

Antimalaria drugs, when

Experimental Drugs Inhibit Bone Loss Due To Chemotherapy

Radiation and chemotherapy can halt cell division in bone

Very Long-term Medication for Schizophrenia is Safe: Study

Taking antipsychotic drugs for longer periods is found to be safe and

Antibiotics may Offer Promising Treatment for Form of Dementia

Taking a class of antibiotics could hold the key to

Antibiotic Tolerance Downs the Ability to Prevent Resistance Under Combo Therapies

Antimicrobial tolerance can

Opioid Antidote Could Save Lives, But Only Few Get It

Naloxone, the drug used to reverse opioid effects, was prescribed only to 2

Antipsychotics May Cause Brain Injuries in Alzheimer's Patients

Antipsychotic medication usage is linked to an increased risk of head

Aspirin May Reduce Colorectal Cancer Recurrence (and) Tumor Growth

Daily aspirin may benefit colorectal cancer patients by reducing tumor

New Drug Decreases Progression of Knee Osteoarthritis

New drug can significantly reduce bone and cartilage

India: New Drugs in 2019

The Government of India has introduced the following drugs in 2019

Antimalarial Drugs: New Breakthrough Finding

New molecules capable of inhibiting DNA

Inhibiting an Enzyme Can Reduce the Risk of HIT: Study

Inhibition of a single enzyme can reduce the risk of heparin-

Leftover Prescription Opioids Pose a Great Risk to Kids

Leftover prescription opioids can pose significant risks to children, yet most

Indian-Origin Scientist Creates 'Lemon' for Better Drugs

Indian-American drug discovery researcher-led team from

Improvements in Vaccines Against Meningitis Uncovered

New research has led to an improved vaccine to protect against

Medicinal Cannabis Substitute can Help Unlock New Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

Novel drug from medicinal cannabis provides the benefits

Aspirin may Not Help African-Americans Prevent Heart Attack

Among African Americans, low-dose aspirin was not linked to a

Stroke Drug Improves Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Injury

Conditioned stem cells with a modified form of tissue-type plasminogen

Modified Cancer Medication Can be Used as an Antibiotic

Cancer drug was modified to combat multidrug-resistant pathogens by a

Worries About Painkillers Contributed to Opioid Epidemic

Reduction in prescriptions of non-opioid painkillers NSAIDs and COX-2

Potential Treatment for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Identified

Dofetilide, the drug

Almost Two-fifths of Antibiotic Prescriptions Can be Irrational


New Drug Combination May Hold Potential in Breast Cancer

Experimental polo-like kinase 1 (PLK1) inhibitor

Anti-Hepatitis Drug Combats Associated Complications Also

Antiviral treatment which has been used to fight

Prescribing for Self, Family, and Friends Widespread Among Young Irish Doctors

Among young Irish doctors, prescribing for self, family, friends

Common Heart Drugs Reduce Chemotherapy Induced Damage

Cancer patients receiving routine heart drugs have less cardiotoxicty from

Drug Decrease Gut Defects Related to Ulcerative Colitis

Drug approved by the FDA to treat rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative

Aspirin for Migraine Headache Treatment and Prevention

Aspirin was found to be the possible option for consideration

Suicide Attempts Raised by Non-opioid Medication Misuse

Non-opioid medications gabapentin and baclofen show "worrying" raises in suicide

Fungus Helps Find New Drugs: Researchers of Hubrecht

Library of products

Three Drugs Equally Effective for Severe Seizures

Levetiracetam, fosphenytoin

Few Antiarrhythmic Drugs are Less Effective in Obese Patients

Some antiarrhythmic medications used to treat atrial

Migraine Drugs May Endanger Patients With Hypertension: Study

Administration of (and) #945;CGRP blockers for migraine in

Cannabis Decreases Headache and Migraine Pain By Almost Half

Cannabis when inhaled can reduce the severity of heaache by

New Antibiotics Development: Turning to Old Remedies for New Health Challenges


Antibiotic Resistance: Fresh Insights


New Antibiotic to Fight Drug-resistant Bacteria is in Sight

Novel peptide that combats gram negative bacteria at a previously unknown

Association Between Migraines, Opioid Overuse May Guide Treatment for Pain

Opioid overuse can result in paradoxical pain

Long-term Opioid Use Ups the Risk of Sleep Disorders

Long-term opioid use can disturb the

Fish Oil Supplements as Effective as ADHD Drugs for Attention for Some Kids

Fish oil supplements could be as good as drugs for

Kids Exposed to HIV Drug in Womb Are at Risk of Microcephaly

Kids born to women on HIV therapy

Old Drug Re-purposed to Treat Metabolic Syndrome: Study

Ibrutinib, the drug used to treat tumors

One Dose of Antibody Injection can Prevent Peanut Allergy for 6 Weeks

One injection of an antibody treatment can help prevent people from severe peanut

Availability of Opioid Treatment in Needy Areas is Unclear

New study analysed the distribution of

Gut Microbiome Aids to Reduce Chemo's Side Effects

Chemotherapy changes the composition of gut bacteria. It can cause

Inhaled Immunosuppressant Increases Survival (and) Lung Function Post-transplantation

Lung transplant recipients have more survival rates

New Road Map Might Make It Easier To Transport Drugs to Brain

Changes occurring in the blood-brain and

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