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Two Blood Thinning Drugs 'Safe' for Patients with Irregular Heartbeat

Two types of blood thinning drugs were found to be safe and can be used in

Potential Mechanism to Kill Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Identified

bFidaxomicin (Fdx)/b is an antibiotic that kills the bacteria

Diabetes Drug Helps Cut Build-up of Fat in the Liver

Type 2 diabetes drug was found to have the potential in reducing liver fat in

SSRIs More Effective in Treating Youth Anxiety Disorder

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) work better than selective

Progesterone can Decrease Hot Flashes in Perimenopausal Women

Oral micronized progesterone (OMP) can help reduce hot flashes and night

Good Gut Bacteria are Being Affected by Common Drugs

One in every four drugs can affect the growth of good

Viagra may Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk

A small, daily dose of the popular erectile dysfunction drug Viagra may cut

Simple Test to Help Screen Patients for Designer Drugs Developed

Drug overdoses are taking a huge toll on public health, with potent synthetic

Motion to Bring Cannabis into Mainstream Medicine

Medicinal cannabis is safe and effective in pain relief

Safety and Effectiveness of Corticosteroids Linked to Genetic Variants

The safety and effectiveness of corticosteroids, the drug used

Effects of Drugs on the Body may be Tested on Replica of Human Organs

The exact effects of bdrugs may be tested without the patient/b by

People's Lack of Understanding Need to be Factored In to Market Zika Vaccine

The need to get a zika vaccine will be

Flu Vaccine can Now be Given in a Pill

World's first synthetic, non-biologic flu vaccine that can be given as a pill

A Known Drug can Prevent Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting

A new study suggests that a known drug amisulpride can be used to prevent

Vaccines Without Needles - The Future of Vaccination

Developing vaccines in a fully synthetic form may help

New Insights into Generic and Brand-name Anti-platelet Drugs

Heart attack patients do as

Drug Safety can Now be Tested With Near-Infrared Chemical Imaging

The bpotency and safety of drugs/b may be predicted with the help of bnear-

Drug on Trial for Critical Limb Ischemia Does Not Improve Blood Flow

The drug that raised hope for effective

Millions of New Cyclic Compounds with Pharmaceutical Value Identified

A novel method has been developed that

Nanovesicles can be Used to Deliver Drugs

Nanovesicles can be used to deliver drugs right into the cancer cells, finds

Canakinumab, a Monoclonal Antibody Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Events

Among patients with diabetes or those with chronic kidney disease, anti-

Anti-viral Drug may Fail to Prevent Mother-to-Child Hepatitis B Transmission

Antiviral drug, tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) taken during and

Overuse of Pain Killer Acetaminophen is Most Common in Cold-flu Season

An over-dosing of the pain killer acetaminophen is most common during the cold-flu

Are Cortisone Injections Linked to Increased Risk of Future Rotator Cuff Repair?

New research

New Insight into Drug-Induced Hearing Loss Prevention

The occurrence, treatment and prevention of ototoxicity (hearing loss induced by

Albumin Gels Can Now Act as Drug Delivery System

A new method has been developed for producing various albumin-based gels

Antibiotics' Impact on Cancer Treatment

New research suggests long-term

Boosting Steroid Doses may Not Prevent Asthma Flare-ups in Children


Delirium in ICU Patients may be Prevented by the Use of Sedatives

To prevent delirium in critically ill patients a small dose of

Multimodal Therapy Reduces the Use of Opioids After Surgery

A multimodal approach, meaning use of two or more methods or

Serotonin Syndrome in Patients Using Triptans With Antidepressants

Simultaneous use of triptans for migraine with antidepressants may

Novel Drug to Treat Excess Red Blood Cells Disorder

Life-threatening disorder that includes excess production of red blood cells

Party Drug Ketamine may Cut Depressive Symptoms

In patients with treatment-resistant major depressive disorder

New Molecular Chemotherapeutic Drug Targets Cancer Cells to Reduce Metastasis

Chemotherapy drug

Common IV Devices can be Risky

A tiny device called Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC

Antidepressants Do Actually Work in Adults

Antidepressants are more effective than placebo for the short-term

New Drug may Extend Fertility in Women by 6 Years

Administration of Cathepsin B inhibitor halfway through

Australia: Free Influenza Vaccination to Toddlers

Toddlers in the Australian state of Victoria can access a free flu

Opioid Users Shift to Heroin to Drug Injection

People switch from opioids to injecting heroin, which

New Drugs to Treat Advanced-Stage Cancer

Tumors in advanced-stage cancer patients with the presence of TRK

Are Your Painkiller Drug Combinations Safe for Your Heart?

Painkillers or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (

Haloperidol Does Not Help Prevent Delirium

Haloperidol, commonly used antipsychotic drug was found to have no preventive

Peptides Manufactured as Injections Soon to be Available As Pills

Peptides that are used to treat diseases are available as injections

Durvalumab Clears Phase II Trial With Positive Anti-tumor Activity

Durvalumab has shown positive results in the

Anti-stroke Drug Proves Safe for Patients

Anti-stroke drug 3K3A-APC invented by The Scripps Research

Mixing Gabapentin With Other Drugs can Have Serious Side Effects

Gabapentin, a non-opioid

Is it Safe to Use Benznidazole to Treat Chagas Disease?

New data has been collected on the safety of

New Insights into Flu Vaccine

Immune history with the influenza vaccine influences a person's

New and Clear Definition of Nutraceuticals

A proper definition of

Is Treatment-free Remission of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Achievable?

Treatment-free remission (TFR) can be achieved for patients

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