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Ibuprofen Usage May Increase the Chance of Chronic Pain

Ibuprofen and other steroids used to overcome

Antibiotics Associated With Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Drug that Lowers Risk of Opioid Overdose Underused

Life-saving medication was offered to

Free Hepatitis Vaccine for Transgender People

Thozhi, a Tamil Nadu-based social organization, has

Combining Medications With Ibuprofen Injures Kidneys

Combination of diuretics, antihypertensives and painkillers can

Drug Combo More Effective Than Single Therapy For Diabetes

New drug combinations identified to treat people with

New Oral Drug Triggers Insulin Release and Treats Diabetes

New drug molecule named 'PK2' could trigger the release

New Drug Combo Shows Promise as Contraceptive Pill

A combination of ulipristal acetate, a drug used as an emergency contraception

Asthma Drug Blocks Replication of Coronavirus

Drug used in the treatment of asthma can reduce SARS-CoV-2, the virus that

Pain Relievers Hinder Bone Drug's Efficacy

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) prescribed to reduce pain may

Opioid-related Deaths Affecting More Younger Adults

In Ontario, Canada, opioid-related mortality peaked

Depression Treatment May Not Make People Happier

Depression patients using antidepressants did not see better outcomes than those

In Utero Exposure to Drugs Affect Infants' Brain Development

In utero

Label Changes May Not Prevent Acetaminophen Overdoses

Changes to product labels did not decrease rates of hospitalization for

New Study Helps Manage Weight Gain in Antipsychotic Users

A new study explores ways of managing excessive weight

Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) Use Linked to Lower Risk Of Opioid Addiction

Adults who used psilocybin - a psychedelic substance produced by

Effectiveness of Meningococcal B Vaccine Against Gonorrhea

The meningococcal B vaccine could offer

Promising Treatment for Sleep Apnea

First drug treatment for sleep apnea has been

Can Mushroom Enhance Depressed Brain Functioning?

Treating depressed people with a magic

Viagra may Lead to Blindness

Regular use of the common erectile dysfunction drug viagra may lead

Basis For Side Effects Of Statins Unraveled

The basis for the side effects of statins has been

Global Medical Cannabis Market - Trends and Forecast

100,000 patients will be able to access

Mineral Supplements Stop Fatty Liver Disease Progression

Multi-mineral dietary supplement known as Aquamin could be a

Drug With CBD Shows Promise in Reducing Pain Post-surgery

Oral tablet containing

Relationship Between Psychedelics and Consciousness Identified

Psychedelic drugs (help treat a range of addictions and mental health

Experimental Drug Reduced Tics in Patients with Tourette Syndrome

Children and teens with

Iron Supplements may Cause a Severe Allergic Attack

Two intravenous (IV) iron-boosting products are found to augment the risk of

Cannabis Exposure is Linked to the Risk of Obesity and High Blood Sugar

Cannabis usage among pregnant women may

Changes in Pill Distribution With Law Enforcement

Law enforcement seizures of pills containing fentanyl increased dramatically

Promising Efficacy Against Treatment-resistant Depression

Patients with treatment-resistant depression may b

Nausea Drugs Linked to Heightened Stroke Risk

Antidopaminergic antiemetics (ADAs) that are widely used to

New Drug Modulates Disease Progression in Alzheimer's Model

Niacin limits Alzheimer's disease

People With Opioid Use Disorder Face a Lack of Treatment

Lack of treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD) has

Antabuse Revive Vision in Patients With Progressive Blinding

Antabuse, a drug prescribed to treat alcohol use

Therapeutic Uses of Ketamine Explored

Ketamine drug has been discovered as a potentially effective tool in the fight

Antibiotics' Effectiveness Decreases When Multiple Bugs Present

Even a lower level of one type of microbe in the

Malaria Drug Fights Resistant Head and Neck Cancers

Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine inhibits pathways

Nipah Virus Vaccine Developed

A new vaccine that could protect against the deadly Nipah

Experts Suggest Ways to Improve Adherence to Statin Therapy

Experts issued recommendations about how to distinguish between true side

Bortezomib Improves Survival in Kids With Lymphoma

Bortezomib addition to chemotherapy significantly improved overall survival

Green Synthesis to Provide Drug for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD

Cancer Drugs Help Target Tuberculosis

An association between cancer and tuberculosis has been

Painkillers can Damage Kidneys

Long-term exposure to painkillers leads to kidney damage, said doctors

Which Works Best for Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections?

An antiseptic treatment could be as effective as

Experts Provide Advice on Prescribing Cannabis Medicines

Epilepsy specialists, clinical pharmacists, pharmacologists, and

New Finding Helps Reduce Side Effects of Siponimod

How Siponimod, a drug for multiple sclerosis interacts with

Production of Plant-derived Cholesterol for MRNA Vaccines and Gene Therapies Boosted

Evonik increases the global supply of pharma-

Repurposed Drug Treats Type 1 Diabetes Effectively

Verapamil continues to show benefits lasting at least two years in treating type

Dispersible Paracetamol Increases Heart Disease and Death Risk

Doctors have warned that people should try to avoid dissolving

Early De-Addiction of Drugs in Teens may Not Affect Life Quality

Future life success of teens doesn't get affected with drug

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