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Alka-Seltzer HEARTBURN (Bayer HealthCare LLC, Consumer Care) Alka-Seltzer Plus (Bayer Corporation Consumer Care Division) Alka-Seltzer Plus (Bayer HealthCare LLC - Consumer Care) Alka-Seltzer Plus (Bayer HealthCare LLC, Consumer Care) Alka-Seltzer Plus Day Severe Cold, Cough And Flu (Bayer HealthCare LLC - Consumer Care) Alka-Seltzer Plus Fast Crystals Packs Cold Formula (Bayer HealthCare LLC, Consumer Care) Alka-Seltzer Plus Fast Packs Cold and Flu Formula (Bayer Corporation Consumer Care Division) Alka-Seltzer Plus Night Severe Cold, Cough And Flu (Bayer HealthCare LLC - Consumer Care) Alka-Seltzer Plus Severe Allergy Sinus Congestion And Headache Formula (Bayer HealthCare LLC, Consumer Care) Alka-Seltzer XTRA STRENGTH (Bayer Bitterfeld GmbH) Alka-Seltzer XTRA STRENGTH (Bayer HealthCare LLC, Consumer Care) Alkali Blite Pollen (Allermed Laboratories, Inc.) ALKERAN (Apo-Pharma USA, Inc) All Day (Amerisource Bergen) All Day Allergy (Cardinal Health (Leader)) All Day Allergy (Care One (American Sales Company)) All Day Allergy (Hannaford Brothers Company) All Day Allergy (HyVee Inc) all day allergy (Kroger Company) All Day Allergy (LIVE BETTER (The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company)) All Day Allergy (McKesson (Health Mart)) All Day Allergy (Medicine Shoppe International Inc) All Day Allergy (P and L Development of New York Corporation) All Day Allergy (Premier Value (Chain Drug Consortium, LLC)) All Day Allergy (TOP CARE (Topco Associates LLC)) All day Allergy d (Major Pharmaceuticals) All Day Allergy Relief (ASSURED (Greenbrier International, Inc.)) All Day Allergy Relief (Dolgencorp, Inc. (DOLLAR GENERAL & REXALL)) All Day Allergy Relief (McKesson (Sunmark)) All Day Allergy Relief (OUR FAMILY (NASH FINCH COMPANY)) All Day Allergy Relief (P and L Development of New York Corporation) All Day Allergy Relief (QUALITY CHOICE (Chain Drug Marketing Association)) all day Allergy Relief D (H E B) All Day Allergy-D (L Perrigo Company) All Day Freshness Antibacterial Body Wash with Moisturizer (Diversapack of Monroe, LLC) All Day Moisture (CVS Pharmacy) All Day Moisture (CVS Pharmacy, Inc) All Day Moisturizing (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc) All Day Pain Relief (Cardinal Health (Leader)) all day pain relief (CVS Pharmacy) All Day Pain Relief (EQUALINE (SuperValu)) all day pain relief (H E B) all day pain relief (Hannaford Brothers Company) all day pain relief (Rebel Distributors Corp) All Day Pain Relief (SuperValu (Equaline)) All Day Pain Relief (The Kroger Co) All Day Pain Relief (Walgreen Company) all day relief (H.J. Harkins Company, Inc.) all day relief (HyVee Inc) all day relief (Kroger Company) all day relief (Lake Erie Medical & Surgical Supply DBA Quality Care Products LLC) all day relief (Major Pharmaceuticals) all day relief (Medicine Shoppe International Inc) all day relief (Meijer Distribution Inc) All Day Relief (Publix Super Markets Inc) all day relief (Western Family Foods Inc) All Day Sunscreen with SPF 30 (Kara Vita, Inc.) All Fresh by Alsco Instant Mist Hand Sanitizer (Best Sanitizers, Inc) All Natural (Eco Skin Care) All Natural Daily Moisturizer SPF 20 (Sarati International, Inc.) All Natural Sunscreen SPF 40 (Sarati International, Inc.) ALL PURPOSE CLEANER (MEGASOL COSMETIC GMBH) ALL YOU NEED (PRESCRIPTIVES INC.) ALL-IN-ONE (AUGUSTUS BIOMED LLC) All-Natural Pen Spray (HANGZHOU KARIC COMMODITIES CO., LTD.) All-Nite Cold and Flu (Major Pharmaceuticals) Allegheny Antibac (Deb USA, Inc.) ALLEGRA (sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC) Allegra Allergy (Chattem, Inc.) Allegra Cooling Relief Anti-Itch (Chattem, Inc.) Allegra D 12 Hour Allergy and Congestion (Chattem, Inc.) Allegra D 12 Hour Allergy and Congestion (Rebel Distributors Corp) Allegra D-12 Hour (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Allegra D-12 Hour (sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC) Allegra Intensive Relief Anti-Itch (Chattem, Inc.) Allegra--D 24 Hour (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Allegra--D 24 Hour (sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC) Allegra--D 24 Hour Allergy and Congestion (Chattem, Inc.) Allegra-D (bryant ranch prepack) ALLEGRA-D 24 HOUR (STAT RX USA LLC) Allegy Relief (Hannaford Brothers Company) Aller Balance (VIATREXX BIO INCORPORATED) aller ease (Meijer Distribution Inc) Aller-Chlor (Rugby Laboratories, Inc.) ALLER-G-TIME (TIME CAP LABORATORIES, INC) Allerest (Insight Pharmaceuticals) Allerfed (Stephen L. LaFrance Pharmacy, Inc.) Allerfed Cold and Allergy (GREAT LAKES WHOLESALE, MARKETING, & SALES, INC.) Allerfed Cold and Allergy PE (Western Family Foods, Inc.) Allerforce (Apotheca Company) Allerforce (BioActive Nutritional, Inc.) Allergen (Apotheca Company) Allergen (BioActive Nutritional, Inc.) Allergena (Meditrend, Inc. DBA Progena Professional Formulations) Allergena for Pets (Meditrend, Inc. DBA Progena Professional Formulations) Allergena Fragrance (Meditrend, Inc. DBA Progena Professional Formulations) Allergena Trees, Weeds and Grasses - Zone 5 Kids (Meditrend, Inc. DBA Progena Professional Formulations) Allergena Trees, Weeds and Grasses - Zone 6 (Meditrend, Inc. DBA Progena Professional Formulations) Allergenic Extracts Standardized Mite (Greer Laboratories, Inc.) Allerghin (NARTEX LABORATORIOS HOMEOPATICOS SA DE CV) Allergic Itch Relief (Valu Merchandisers, Co.) Allergiemittel (Natures Way Holding Co.) Allergies Food Chemicals (King Bio Inc.) AllerguEase Food and Chemical (Native Remedies, LLC) Allergy (Accudial Pharmaceutical, Inc.) Allergy (Cardinal Health (Leader)) Allergy (CVS Pharmacy) Allergy (EQUALINE (SuperValu)) Allergy (FRED'S, INC.) Allergy (H E B) ALLERGY (HOMEOLAB USA INC.) allergy (HyVee Inc) allergy (Kroger Company) Allergy (Liddell Laboratories) allergy (Major Pharmaceuticals) Allergy (McKesson) Allergy (Medicine Shoppe International Inc) Allergy (Meijer Distribution Inc) allergy (Publix Super Markets Inc) Allergy (SuperValu (Equaline)) Allergy (SUPERVALU INC.) Allergy (Valu Merchandisers Company (Best Choice)) ALLERGY (Wal-Mart Stores Inc) allergy (Western Family Foods Inc) ALLERGY (WOONSOCKET PRESCRIPTION CENTER,INCORPORATED) Allergy and Cold (WOONSOCKET PRESCRIPTION CENTER,INCORPORATED) allergy and cold relief (Target Corporation) allergy and congestion relief (Amerisource Bergen) allergy and congestion relief (Hannaford Brothers Company) allergy and congestion relief (HyVee Inc) Allergy and congestion relief (Kroger Company) Allergy and Congestion Relief (L Perrigo Company) allergy and congestion relief (Safeway) allergy and congestion relief d (Rite Aid Corporation) Allergy and Hay Fever Reliever (King Bio Inc) Allergy and Sinus Headache (ARMY AND AIR FORCE EXCHANGE SERVICE) Allergy and Sinus Headache (Wal-Mart Stores Inc) Allergy and Sinus Headache (WOONSOCKET PRESCRIPTION CENTER, INCORPORATED) Allergy and Stuffy Nose (Accudial Pharmaceutical, Inc.) Allergy Antihistamine (Select Corporation) Allergy Attack Relief to Go (Breakthrough Products Inc.) Allergy Buster (SiCap Industries LLC) Allergy Complete Relief (NASH-FINCH COMPANY) Allergy Complex (Nova Homeopathic Therapeutics, Inc.) Allergy Composition (Apotheca Company) Allergy Composition (Synergy Formulas, Inc.) Allergy Desensitization (Natural Ophthalmics, Inc) allergy eye (CVS Pharmacy) allergy eye (H E B) allergy eye (Meijer Distribution Inc) ALLERGY EYE DROPS (CVS Pharmacy) Allergy Eye Relief (Similasan AG) Allergy Eye Relief (Similasan Corporation) Allergy Food andChemical Relief (King Bio Inc.) Allergy Get Relief (Eagle Distributors,Inc.) Allergy HP (Natural Creations, Inc.) ALLERGY KIDS RELIEF (HOMEOLAB USA INC) Allergy Medication (Rite Aid) Allergy Medicine (COSTCO WHOLESALE CORPORATION) Allergy Medicine (Stephen L. LaFrance Pharmacy, Inc.) Allergy Multi-Symptom (DOLGENCORP, LLC) Allergy Multi-Symptom (Family Dollar) Allergy Multi-Symptom (Sam's West Inc) Allergy Multi-Symptom (WALGREEN CO.) Allergy Multi-Symptom Relief (FRED'S, INC.) Allergy Mutli-Symptom (ARMY AND AIR FORCE EXCHANGE SERVICE) Allergy Relief (ALDI INC.) Allergy Relief (ARMY AND AIR FORCE EXCHANGE SERVICE) Allergy Relief (Cardinal Health) Allergy Relief (CVS Pharmacy) Allergy Relief (Dolgencorp, Inc. (DOLLAR GENERAL & REXALL)) Allergy Relief (DOLGENCORP, LLC) Allergy Relief (Family Dollar) Allergy Relief (Freds Inc) Allergy Relief (Good Sense (Geiss, Destin & Dunn, Inc.)) Allergy Relief (H E B) Allergy Relief (Homeocare Laboratories) Allergy RELIEF (Homeostasis Laboratories, Inc.) Allergy Relief (Kareway Product, Inc.) Allergy Relief (Kroger Company) Allergy Relief (L.N.K. International, Inc.) Allergy Relief (Mckesson (Sunmark)) Allergy Relief (Medicine Shoppe International Inc) Allergy Relief (Meijer Distribution Inc) Allergy Relief (Navarro Discount Pharmacies,LLC) allergy relief (Novartis Consumer Health, Inc.) allergy relief (Novartsi Consumer Health, Inc.) Allergy Relief (Ohm Laboratories Inc.) Allergy Relief (P and L Development of New York Corporation) Allergy Relief (Preferred Plus (Kinray)) allergy relief (Publix Super Markets Inc) allergy relief (Rite Aid Corporation) Allergy Relief (Safeway) Allergy Relief (SIMPLY RIGHT (Sam's West, Inc.)) Allergy Relief (SMART SENSE (Kmart)) Allergy Relief (TOP CARE (Topco Associates LLC)) allergy relief (Western Family Foods Inc) Allergy Relief (WOONSOCKET PRESCRIPTION CENTER,INCORPORATED) ALLERGY RELIEF 4 KIDS (Hyland's) Allergy Relief D (Meijer Distribution Inc) allergy relief d (Publix Super Markets Inc) Allergy Relief d 12 (CVS Pharmacy) allergy relief eye (Western Family Foods Inc) allergy relief medication (Target Brands, Inc.) Allergy Relief Multisymptom (Select Corporation) Allergy Relief Non Drowsy (Select Corporation) Allergy Rescue (Apotheca Company) Allergy Rescue (Deseret Biologicals, Inc.) Allergy Rescue 1 (Apotheca Company) allergy sinus pe (Publix Super Markets Inc) Allergy Time (Time Cap Labs Inc) Allergy/Sinus Headache (DOLGENCORP, LLC) AllergyCare (King Bio Inc.) AllergyEase Animal Hair and Dander (Native Remedies, LLC) AllergyEase Dairy (Native Remedies, LLC) AllergyEase Desert (Native Remedies, LLC) AllergyEase Egg and Meat (Native Remedies, LLC) AllergyEase Grain and Gluten (Native Remedies, LLC) AllergyEase Great Lakes (Native Remedies, LLC) AllergyEase Hawaii (Native Remedies) AllergyEase Northeastern (Native Remedies, LLC) AllergyEase Pacific (Native Remedies, LLC) AllergyEase Plains (Native Remedies, LLC) AllergyEase Rocky Mtns (Native Remedies, LLC) AllergyEase Shellfish and Seafood (Native Remedies, LLC) AllergyEase Southern (Native Remedies, LLC) AllergyEase Southwestern (Native Remedies, LLC) Allerhale (White Manufacturing Inc. DBA Micro West) Allermilk (Deseret Biologicals, Inc.) AllerNaze (Lupin Pharmaceuticals) Allernest (Marco Pharma International LLC.) ALLEROFF (Corporacion Infarmasa) Allerpoll (Apotheca Company) Allerpoll HP (BioActive Nutritional, Inc.) Allersode (Apotheca Company) Allerstat (Apotheca Company) Allerstat (Energique, Inc.) Allertness Aid (Select Corporation) Allfen DM (MCR American Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) ALLI (GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare LP) Allium Cepa (BrandStorm HBC) ALLIUM CEPA (HOMEOLAB USA INC) ALLIUM CEPA (Hyland's) Allium cepa (Nature's Way Products, Inc.) ALLIUM CEPA (Remedy Makers) Allium Cepa Kit Refill (Washington Homeopathic Products) Allopurinol (A-S Medication Solutions LLC) Allopurinol (American Health Packaging) Allopurinol (Aphena Pharma Solutions - Tennessee, Inc.) Allopurinol (Bryant Ranch Prepack) Allopurinol (Cardinal Health) Allopurinol (Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited) Allopurinol (Ipca Laboratories Limited) Allopurinol (Lake Erie Medical DBA Quality Care Products LLC) Allopurinol (Major Pharmaceuticals) Allopurinol (McKesson Contract Packaging) Allopurinol (Mutual Pharmaceutical) Allopurinol (Mylan Institutional Inc.) Allopurinol (Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Allopurinol (NCS HealthCare of KY, Inc dba Vangard Labs) Allopurinol (Northstar RxLLC) Allopurinol (PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Allopurinol (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Allopurinol (Preferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc) Allopurinol (Preferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Allopurinol (Qualitest Pharmaceuticals) Allopurinol (Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Allopurinol (Rebel Distributors Corp.) ALLOPURINOL (REMEDYREPACK INC.) Allopurinol (St Marys Medical Park Pharmacy) ALLOPURINOL (STAT Rx USA LLC) Allopurinol (State of Florida DOH Central Pharmacy) Allopurinol (Unit Dose Services) Allopurinol (Watson Laboratories, Inc.) Allopurinol sodium (Bedford Laboratories) Alloy (Melaleuca, Inc) ALLPANTO S (SAMSUNG PHARM IND. CO., LTD.) Allscale (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Allscale (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) Allspice (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) Allure Creamy Petroleum (Universal Distribution Center LLC) Allure Ice Cold Analgesic (Universal Distribution Center LLC) Allure Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol (Universal Distribution Center LLC) Allure Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol With Wintergreen (Universal Distribution Center LLC) Allure Vaporizing Chest Rub (Universal Distribution Center LLC) Almacone (Rebel Distributors Corp) Almacone (Rugby Laboratories, Inc.) ALMACONE ANTACID ANTIGAS (Rugby Laboratories, Inc.) ALMACONE DOUBLE STRENGTH (Rugby Laboratories, Inc.) ALMOND (ALK-Abello, Inc.) ALMOND (Allergy Laboratories, Inc.) Almond (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Almond (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) Almond Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer (Harrison Specialty Co., Inc.) almost bronzer (clinique laboratories inc) ALMOST MAKEUP (CLINIQUE LABORATORIES INC) ALMOST POWDER (CLINIQUE LABORATORIES INC) ALMOST POWDER MAKEUP (CLINIQUE LABORATORIES INC) ALNUS INCANA SSP RUGOSA POLLEN (ALK-Abello, Inc.) Alo Therapeutic Massage (Theraplex Solutions) ALO THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE PAIN RELIEVING (Theraplex Solutions) ALOCRIL (Allergan, Inc.) Alodox (OCuSOFT INC.) Aloe Scent A B Hand Sanitizing (Custom HBC Corporation) Aloe Socotrina Kit Refill (Washington Homeopathic Products) Aloe Soothing Moisture (The Body Shop Wake Forest) ALOE SUN (SKINFOOD CO., LTD.) ALOE SUN BB (SKINFOOD CO., LTD.) ALOE SUN ESSENCE (SKINFOOD CO., LTD.) Aloe Sunscreen (Aloe Vera of America, Inc.) ALOE VESTA ANTIFUNGAL (ConvaTec, Inc.) ALOE VESTA PROTECTIVE (ConvaTec, Inc.) ALOE VESTA PROTECTIVE BARRIER (ConvaTec, Inc.) ALOE VESTA SKIN CONDITIONER (ConvaTec, Inc.) AloeGuard (HealthLink) Aloemint Skin Aid (Indiana Botanic Gardens) Aloetouch (Medline Industries, Inc.) Aloetouch Protect Skin Protectant Wipes (Medline Industries, Inc.) aloevella (Ojas Enterprises LLC) ALOMIDE (Alcon Laboratories, Inc.) Aloprim (Mylan Institutional LLC) Aloquin (Primus Pharmaceuticals) Alora (Watson Pharma, Inc.) Aloxi (Eisai, Inc) Alpet E2 Sanitizing Foam Soap (Best Sanitizer, Inc.) Alpet E3 Hand Sanitizer Spray (Best Sanitizer, Inc.) Alpet E3 Plus Hand Sanitizer Spray (Best Sanitizer, Inc.) Alpha Alcohol Free Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer (Whisk Products, Inc.) ALPHA CF (Nature's Way Products, Inc.) Alpha E-2 (Whisk Products, Inc.) Alpha E-3 (Whisk Products, Inc.) Alpha Foaming E-2 (Whisk Products, Inc.) ALPHA SH (Nature's Way Products, Inc.) Alpha-Caine (Dental Technologies, Inc.) Alpha-dent (Dental Technologies, Inc.) Alpha-Pro (Dental Technologies, Inc.) Alphadine Scrub (Ecolab Inc.) Alphadine Scrub Foam (Ecolab Inc.) ALPHAGAN P (Allergan, Inc.) ALPHAGAN P (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Alphanate (Grifols Biologicals Inc.) AlphaNine (Grifols Biologicals Inc.) Alphaquin HP (Stratus Pharamceuticals) Alprazolam (A-S Medication Solutions LLC) Alprazolam (Actavis Elizabeth LLC) Alprazolam (Aidarex Pharmaceuticals LLC) Alprazolam (American Health Packaging) Alprazolam (Amneal Pharmaceuticals) Alprazolam (Aphena Pharma Solutions - Tennessee, Inc.) Alprazolam (Aurobindo Pharma Limited) Alprazolam (AvKARE, Inc.) Alprazolam (Blenheim Pharmacal, Inc.) Alprazolam (Boca Pharmacal, Inc.) ALPRAZOLAM (Bryant Ranch Prepack) Alprazolam (Cardinal Health) Alprazolam (Contract Pharmacy Services-PA) ALPRAZOLAM (CorePharma, LLC) Alprazolam (DAVA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Alprazolam (Dispensing Solutions, Inc.) ALPRAZOLAM (Global Pharmaceuticals, Division of Impax Laboratories Inc.) Alprazolam (Golden State Medical Supply, Inc.) Alprazolam (Greenstone LLC) ALPRAZOLAM (H.J. Harkins Company, Inc.) Alprazolam (KAISER FOUNDATION HOSPITALS) Alprazolam (Lake Erie Medical & Surgical Supply DBA Quality Care Products LLC) Alprazolam (Lake Erie Medical DBA Quality Care Products LLC) ALPRAZOLAM (Life Line Home Care Services, Inc.) Alprazolam (Major Pharmaceuticals) Alprazolam (McKesson Contract Packaging) Alprazolam (Mylan Institutional Inc.) Alprazolam (Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Alprazolam (Par Pharmaceutical Inc.) Alprazolam (PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Alprazolam (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Alprazolam (Preferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc) Alprazolam (Preferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Alprazolam (Qualitest Pharmaceuticals) Alprazolam (Rebel Distributors Corp) Alprazolam (Rebel Distributors Corp.) Alprazolam (RedPharm) Alprazolam (RedPharm Drug Inc.) Alprazolam (REMEDYREPACK INC.) Alprazolam (Roxane Laboratories, Inc) Alprazolam (Sandoz Inc) ALPRAZOLAM (STAT RX USA LLC) Alprazolam (Sun Pharma Global FZE) Alprazolam (TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA Inc) Alprazolam (Unit Dose Services) ALPRAZOLAM EXTENDED-RELEASE (Rising Pharmaceuticals Inc) Alprostadil (Bedford Laboratories) Alprostadil (Teva Parenteral Medicines, Inc) ALREX (Bausch & Lomb Incorporated) ALREX (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) ALREX (STAT Rx USA LLC) ALSUMA (Pfizer Laboratories Div Pfizer Inc) ALSUMA (US WorldMeds, LLC) ALTABAX (GlaxoSmithKline LLC) Altabax (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Altabax (Rebel Distributors Corp.) Altace (Lake Erie Medical & Surgical Supply DBA Quality Care Products LLC) ALTACE (Monarch Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) ALTAVERA (Sandoz Inc) Alternaria (Allermed Laboratories, Inc.) Alternaria alternata (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Alternaria alternata (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) ALTERNARIA TENUIS (ALK-Abello, Inc.) ALTERNARIA TENUIS ALTERNATA (Allergy Laboratories, Inc.) ALTHEUS (Ventura Corporation LTD.) Altipres (Alternative Pharmacal Corporation) Altipres-B (Alternative Pharmacal Corporation) Altoprev (Shionogi Inc.) Aluminum Acetate Astringent (TAGI Pharma Incorporated) Aluminum Hydroxide (Rugby Laboratories, Inc.) Aluminum hydroxide and Magnesium carbonate (Simpex Pharma Pvt. Ltd) Aluvea (Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC) Alvesco (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Alvesco (Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Always Color Stay on Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 (JAFRA COSMETICS INTERNATIONAL) Alyacen 1/35 (Glenmark Generics Inc.,USA) ALYACEN 7/7/7 (Glenmark Generics Inc., USA) ALZ (Apotheca Company) ALZ HP (Energique, Inc.) Amantadine HCl (Banner Pharmacaps Inc) Amantadine HCl (Bryant Ranch Prepack) Amantadine HCl (Rebel Distributors Corp.) Amantadine Hydrochloride (A-S Medication Solutions LLC) Amantadine Hydrochloride (American Health Packaging) Amantadine Hydrochloride (Carolina Medical Products Company) Amantadine Hydrochloride (Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc.) Amantadine Hydrochloride (Lake Erie Medical DBA Quality Care Products LLC) Amantadine Hydrochloride (Lannett Company, Inc.) Amantadine Hydrochloride (Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Amantadine Hydrochloride (Mylan Institutional Inc.) Amantadine Hydrochloride (NCS HealthCare of KY, Inc dba Vangard Labs) Amantadine Hydrochloride (PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) AMANTADINE HYDROCHLORIDE (Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc.) Amantadine Hydrochloride (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Amantadine Hydrochloride (Qualitest Pharmaceuticals) Amantadine Hydrochloride (REMEDYREPACK INC.) Amantadine Hydrochloride (Sandoz Inc) AMANTADINE HYDROCHLORIDE (STAT RX USA LLC) Amantadine Hydrochloride (Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc) Amantadine Hydrochloride (Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc.) Amar (Amar Remedies Limited - Mumbai) Amar Ice (AMAR REMEDIES LIMITED) Amar Petroleum (Amar Remedies Limited) Amar Vaporizing Chest Rub (Amar Remedies Limited - Mumbai) AMARANTHUS PALMERI POLLEN (ALK-Abello, Inc.) AMARANTHUS RETROFLEXUS POLLEN (ALK-Abello, Inc.) AMARANTHUS SPINOSUS POLLEN (ALK-Abello, Inc.) AMARANTHUS TUBERCULATUS POLLEN (ALK-Abello, Inc.) Amari (Pacific Media Direct, LLC) AMARYL (Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC) Amazing Face (Cosmetica Laboratories Inc.) Amazing Grace Antiperspirant and Deodorant (Raani Corporation) AMBI (KIK Custom Products) Ambi Essentials (Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Co., Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.) Ambi Even and Clear Daily Moisturizer (Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company, Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.) Ambien (A-S Medication Solutions LLC) Ambien (Bryant Ranch Prepack) Ambien (Lake Erie Medical & Surgical Supply DBA Quality Care Products LLC) Ambien (PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Ambien (Rebel Distributors Corp.) Ambien (sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC) AMBIEN (STAT Rx USA LLC) Ambien CR (Bryant Ranch Prepack) Ambien CR (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Ambien CR (Rebel Distributors Corp.) Ambien CR (St Marys Medical Park Pharmacy) AmBisome (Astellas Pharma US, Inc.) AMBROSIA ACANTHICARPA POLLEN (ALK-Abello, Inc.) AMBROSIA ARTEMISIIFOLIA POLLEN (ALK-Abello, Inc.) AMBROSIA BIDENTATA POLLEN (ALK-Abello, Inc.) AMBROSIA PSILOSTACHYA POLLEN (ALK-Abello, Inc.) AMBROSIA TENUIFOLIA POLLEN (ALK-Abello, Inc.) AMBROSIA TRIFIDA POLLEN (ALK-Abello, Inc.) Amcinonide (E. Fougera & Co. a division of Fougera Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Amcinonide (Taro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.) Amerfresh (Amercare Products Inc) AmerFresh (Amercare Products, Inc.) AMERFRESH ANTIBACTERIAL DEODORANT (Amercare Products, Inc.) AMERFRESH ANTIPERSPIRANT DEODORANT (Amercare Products, Inc) Amerfresh Clear (Amercare Products Inc) Amerfresh Medicated (Amercare Products Inc) AMERFRESH ROLL-ON ANTIPERSPIRANT DEODORANT (Amercare Products, Inc) AMERGE (GlaxoSmithKline LLC) Americaine (Insight Pharmaceuticals) American Beech (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) American Beech (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) AMERICAN BEECH POLLEN (Allergy Laboratories, Inc.) AMERICAN COCKROACH (Allergy Laboratories, Inc.) American Cockroach (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) American Continental Techlabs, LLC INSTANT HAND SANITIZER (American Continental Techlabs) American Crew (Colomer USA) American Elm (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) American Elm (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) AMERICAN ELM POLLEN (Allergy Laboratories, Inc.) American Elm Pollen (Allermed Laboratories, Inc.) American Infection Control Antiseptic Body Wipes (American Infection Control, Inc.) American Infection Control Antiseptic Hand Wipes (American Infection Control, Inc.)

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