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Complete Female Information

  • Active Ingredients

    Adrenal gland 6X 200K, Cholesterinum 6X 200K, Corpus luteum 6X 200K, Estrogen 6X 200K, Hypothalamus 6X 200K, Melatonin 6X 200K, Ovary 6X 200K, Pancreas 6X 200K, Pineal gland 6X 200K, Pituitary 6X 200K, Progesterone 6X 200K, Thalamus Gland 6X 200K, Thymus gland 6X 200K, Thyroid gland 6X 200K

  • Purpose

    Adrenal gland Adrenal support
    Cholesterinum Drainage
    Corpus luteum Regeneration
    Estrogen Hormonal support
    Hypothalamus Regeneration
    Melatonin Neurological support
    Ovary Regeneration
    Pancreas Regeneration
    Pineal gland Regeneration
    Pituitary Regeneration
    Progesterone Hormonal support
    Thalamus Gland Regeneration
    Thymus gland Regeneration
    Thyroid gland Regeneration

  • Uses

    To help support the structure & function of the female endocrine system

  • Warnings

    Stop use and ask a health care practitioner if symptoms persist for more than five days or worsen. If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health care practitioner before use.

  • Dosage

    1-3 spray(s); 1-3 time(s) per day or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.


    Keep this and all medicines out of reach of children.

  • Other Ingredients

    Alcohol and Distilled Water

  • Other Information

    Normal storage use.

    Do not use if tamper-evident seal is broken or removed.

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    ITEM: VPC0187

    NDC 63776-170-14

    Homeopathic remedy

    Female +

    To help support the structure & function of the female endocrine system

    Oral spray
    30ml 1 oz

    Viatrexxâ„¢ Bio Incorporated

    Manufactured by Viatrexx
    Newark, DE 19713

    Female + Box

    Femail +

    30 mL
    1 oz

    Viatrexxâ„¢ Bio Incorporated

    ITEM: VPC0187
    NDC: 63776-170-14 

    To help support the structure & function of the female endocrine system

    1-3 spray(s); 1-3 time(s) per day or as recommended by your health care practitioner.

    Mfg. for
    Viatrexx Bio Incorporated.
    Newark, DE 19713


    bos taurus adrenal gland, sus scrofa adrenal gland, cholesterol, sus scrofa corpus luteum, esterified estrogen, bos taurus hypothalamus, sus scrofa hypothalamus, melatonin, bos taurus ovary, sus scrofa ovary, bos taurus pancreas, sus scrofa pancreas, bos taurus pineal gland, sus scrofa pineal gland, bos taurus pituitary gland, sus scrofa pituitary gland, progesterone, sus scrofa thalamus, bos taurus thymus, sus scrofa thymus, thyroid bovine, thyroid porcine spray
    Product Information
    Product Type HUMAN OTC DRUG Item Code (Source) NDC:63776-170
    Route of Administration ORAL
    Active Ingredient/Active Moiety
    Ingredient Name Basis of Strength Strength
    Bos Taurus Adrenal Gland (UNII: M2776SWB29) (Bos Taurus Adrenal Gland - UNII:M2776SWB29) Bos Taurus Adrenal Gland 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Sus Scrofa Adrenal Gland (UNII: 398IYQ16YV) (Sus Scrofa Adrenal Gland - UNII:398IYQ16YV) Sus Scrofa Adrenal Gland 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Cholesterol (UNII: 97C5T2UQ7J) (Cholesterol - UNII:97C5T2UQ7J) Cholesterol 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Sus Scrofa Corpus Luteum (UNII: 94X749MHSP) (Sus Scrofa Corpus Luteum - UNII:94X749MHSP) Sus Scrofa Corpus Luteum 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Estrogens, Esterified (UNII: 3ASP8Q3768) (Estrogens, Esterified - UNII:3ASP8Q3768) Estrogens, Esterified 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Bos Taurus Hypothalamus (UNII: S6G2NLH4Y7) (Bos Taurus Hypothalamus - UNII:S6G2NLH4Y7) Bos Taurus Hypothalamus 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Sus Scrofa Hypothalamus (UNII: N6R0856Z79) (Sus Scrofa Hypothalamus - UNII:N6R0856Z79) Sus Scrofa Hypothalamus 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Melatonin (UNII: JL5DK93RCL) (Melatonin - UNII:JL5DK93RCL) Melatonin 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Bos Taurus Ovary (UNII: 66LZN1C747) (Bos Taurus Ovary - UNII:66LZN1C747) Bos Taurus Ovary 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Sus Scrofa Ovary (UNII: S7YTV04R8O) (Sus Scrofa Ovary - UNII:S7YTV04R8O) Sus Scrofa Ovary 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Bos Taurus Pancreas (UNII: 1M529TNT1D) (Bos Taurus Pancreas - UNII:1M529TNT1D) Bos Taurus Pancreas 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Sus Scrofa Pancreas (UNII: 9Y3J3362RY) (Sus Scrofa Pancreas - UNII:9Y3J3362RY) Sus Scrofa Pancreas 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Bos Taurus Pineal Gland (UNII: Z7RM5NBH36) (Bos Taurus Pineal Gland - UNII:Z7RM5NBH36) Bos Taurus Pineal Gland 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Sus Scrofa Pineal Gland (UNII: 050QZ2EDK7) (Sus Scrofa Pineal Gland - UNII:050QZ2EDK7) Sus Scrofa Pineal Gland 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Bos Taurus Pituitary Gland (UNII: 7JM57I419K) (Bos Taurus Pituitary Gland - UNII:7JM57I419K) Bos Taurus Pituitary Gland 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Sus Scrofa Pituitary Gland (UNII: E8S87O660T) (Sus Scrofa Pituitary Gland - UNII:E8S87O660T) Sus Scrofa Pituitary Gland 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Progesterone (UNII: 4G7DS2Q64Y) (Progesterone - UNII:4G7DS2Q64Y) Progesterone 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Sus Scrofa Thalamus (UNII: 3D6Q7UV74J) (Sus Scrofa Thalamus - UNII:3D6Q7UV74J) Sus Scrofa Thalamus 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Bos Taurus Thymus (UNII: 8XEJ88V2T8) (Bos Taurus Thymus - UNII:8XEJ88V2T8) Bos Taurus Thymus 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Sus Scrofa Thymus (UNII: 7B69B0BD62) (Sus Scrofa Thymus - UNII:7B69B0BD62) Sus Scrofa Thymus 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Thyroid, Bovine (UNII: MN18OTN73W) (Thyroid, Bovine - UNII:MN18OTN73W) Thyroid, Bovine 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Thyroid, Porcine (UNII: 6RV024OAUQ) (Thyroid, Porcine - UNII:6RV024OAUQ) Thyroid, Porcine 200 {kp_C}  in 1 mL
    Inactive Ingredients
    Ingredient Name Strength
    Alcohol (UNII: 3K9958V90M)  
    Water (UNII: 059QF0KO0R)  
    # Item Code Package Description Marketing Start Date Marketing End Date
    1 NDC:63776-170-14 1 in 1 BOX
    1 30 mL in 1 BOTTLE, SPRAY
    Marketing Information
    Marketing Category Application Number or Monograph Citation Marketing Start Date Marketing End Date
    unapproved homeopathic 07/24/2012
    Labeler - VIATREXX BIO INCORPORATED (078419880)
    Name Address ID/FEI Business Operations
    Les Importations Herbasante Inc 243254612 MANUFACTURE(63776-170)