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Integrated Platform Accelerates Drug Discovery

A new method that integrates data from different screening

What Can Maths Do for Drug Discovery

A computer-based platform for drug development designed by

Drug Candidate for Epilepsy Treatment Identified

A new drug candidate developed by researchers has the potential for effectively

Does Morphine Help Patients With Breathing Problems?

The healthcare professionals treat patients with

Combination Therapy Proves Beneficial in Patients With Non-diabetic Kidney Disease

Combination therapy of angiotensin-converting

New Oral Drug for Lowering Cholesterol Discovered

Want to lower your cholesterol levels? Relax, a newly discovered oral drug can be

Antidepressants Delivered to the Brain Through Nose

Intranasal administration has been

Taking Probiotics Along With Antibiotics Reduces Gut Microbiome Damage

Millions of antibiotics are prescribed every

New Drug Improves Constipation in Parkinson's Disease Patients

In Parkinson's disease patients, oral squalamine phosphate ENT-01

Novel Small RNA Interference Therapy to Reduce Lipoprotein(a)-Mediated Cardiovascular Risk

Lipoprotein(a), a low-density lipoprotein, is

Therapeutic Potentials of Traditionally Used Medicinal Plants Revealed!

Massive therapeutic potential of traditionally used medicinal plants

New Therapeutic Dimension to Antibiotic-resistance

Scientists uncover treatment

Antibiotics Reduce Stomach Bleeding Risk in Long-term Aspirin Users


Diabetes Drug Dapagliflozin Proves Effective in Kidney Disease Patients

In patients with chronic kidney disease (

Sleeping Pills may Increase the Risk of Heart Damage

A common drug that makes patients sleepy and less anxious before surgery is

Rising Use of Skin Creams With Steroids

Skin creams containing steroids, which are available as an over-

Nearly 50 Percentage of Parents Have Leftover Prescription Medications at Home: Study

At home nearly 50% of parents reveal they have leftover

Drug Shows Potential to Combat Exaggerated Inflammation Linked to COVID-19

In COVID-19 patients, niclosamide, the anti-helmintic drug inhibits SARS-

Paxlovid, the COVID-19 Pill Could be Risky When Taken With Heart Medications

Paxlovid is often used to treat symptomatic COVID-19 in

Novel Antibiotic Cement to Treat Bone Infections

An effective antibiotic bone cement matrix developed

Fake Medicines: Around 462 Medicine Samples Declared Spurious During 2019-2021

Sale of spurious drugs are

How Metoprolol can Help Protect you From Brain Damage After a Stroke

In rat model scientists

Smart Drug Delivery System to Treat Multiple Alzheimer's Pathologies

A smart cell-based delivery

Mounting Burden of Opioid-Related Deaths in the United States

In 2020, deaths related to drug

Clot-busting Drug Lowers Cost in Stroke Treatment

Tenecteplase, the newer-generation clot-busting medication

Potential Vaccine Target for Increasingly Concerning Bacterial Strain

Scientists have discovered a key bacterial target for

Heart Drug Helps Treat Alcohol use Disorder

Spironolactone, the drug used to treat heart

Anti-sedative Flumazenil Alleviates Cancer Therapy Side Effects

Flumazenil, the anti-sedative drug was found to target GABAA receptors

Drug Reactions can be Life-threatening

Researchers have listed the symptoms of severe adverse drug reaction (

New Drug Target for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

A new study reveals how a set of interacting molecules in immune cells of

New Pill Strengthens Muscles and Bones

In mice, a new drug mimics the effects of exercise on muscle and

Antibiotics may Make Melanoma Worse

In mice with melanoma (skin cancer), the use of

Steroid Medications Linked to Brain Changes

Increased use of prescribed steroids is associated with changes in

Antiviral Drug Tecovirimat Effective in Treating Monkeypox

The antiviral medication tecovirimat is safe and

Can Sensors Help Patients Stay on top of Their Medications?

High doses of lithium drug can bring on dangerous side effects. A

Lupus Drug Shows Promise in Mice

In mice, a drug containing the compound prevents lupus-like

Are TN Government Hospitals in Shortage of Drugs?

Many Tamil Nadu Government hospitals are now facing an acute shortage of

Daily Multivitamin may be an Unnecessary Habit, Say Experts

Intake of multivitamins every morning may be

Two Heart Medications Tied to Greater Heart-attack Risk

Among individuals suffering non-fatal heart attacks linked to hot

How Prenatal Opioid Exposure Triggers Neurological Changes?

Infants exposed to opioids during their

Antibiotics can Cause Permanent Asthma and Allergies: Truth or Myth

Introducing antibiotics early kills healthy bacteria

Can Hormone Therapy Component Help Reduce Severity of Urinary Urge Incontinence?

Prasterone a component of hormone therapy is effective in

Potential Treatment for Botulism Identified

FDA-approved drug 3,4-diaminopyridine (3,4-DAP) used

COVID-19 Antiviral Medicines More Likely to Reduce Hospitalizations and Deaths

Antiviral drugs such as

Can Vaccine-related Fears Affect the Flu Shot Experience?

Vaccine-related fears decrease vaccination and fuel symptoms of

Is Cannabidiol is Safe and Effective for Pain Management?

Following arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, Cannabidiol (CBD) was

Why Do Opioids Cause Gastrointestinal Problems?

Opioids like morphine cause gastric inflammation, and how the condition can

Antiretroviral Drug Enhances Cognition in Mouse Model: Study

Lamivudine, a commonly-used drug for HIV increases cognition in a mouse model of

Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction Helps Treat Esophageal Cancer

Medications used to treat erectile dysfunction could

Biotechnology Platforms Enable Fast COVID-19 Vaccine Production

The demand for urgent COVID-19 vaccination

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