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Drug Reduces Inflammation in Genetic Heart Disease

NF-eB blockers could decrease the production of inflammation causing

Nanomesh Drug Delivery Holds Promise Against Antibiotic Resistance

Fabricating nanomeshes could act as an effective drug delivery

Competitive and Hostile People are More Prone to Drug Abuse

Hostile and competitive people are more likely to start consuming drugs

New Study may Have the Reason Why Statins Cause Muscle Pain

Statin exposure makes muscle

New Drugs May Stop the Emergence of Resistant Cancer

New drugs act by blocking an enzyme named APOBEC3B in cancer

Erectile Dysfunction Drug Viagra Benefits Bone Marrow Transplant Patients

A rapid way to obtain donor stem cells for bone marrow transplants

Steroid Injections may Damage Joints

Corticosteroid injections which are used to treat

New Drug Combo Works Against Broader Array of Cancer Cells

PARP inhibitor combined with DNA

Varenicline to Help Teens, Young Adults Quit Smoking: Study

New study tests how effective the

Mindfulness Could Decrease Opioid Cravings, Says Study

Opioid addiction and chronic pain

Common Bladder Medication associated with Vision-threatening Eye Condition

Elmiron drug, which is widely prescribed for a bladder

Common Bladder Medication Linked to a Vision-threatening Eye Condition

Exposure to Elmiron (pentosan polysulfate sodium), a drug widely

Are Steroids Overused To Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Steroid therapy is often over used to treat inflammatory bowel

Link Between Statins and Diabetes Risk Discovered

Statins were found to be associated with a higher

Drug Improves Survival Rates In Heart Failure Patients

Aliskiren, the drug that inhibits the enzyme that regulates

Alzheimer's Disease: Antipsychotics Linked to Accumulation of Hospital Days

In people with Alzheimer's disease antipsychotic drugs were found to be

Free Essential Medicines may Improve Medication-adherence

Majority of the patients who told they cant afford their medications

New Pill That Replaces Daily Injections Developed

Coated pill carries microneedles that deliver insulin and other drugs to the

Gout Medications Prove Effective Against Elephantiasis

Sulfinpyrazone and probenecid, the two common FDA-approved gout medications

Kidney Function Affects The Risks Caused by Opioids Prescribed

Patients with lower kidney function may have

New Drug Holds Promise to Treat Heart Attacks: Study

New drug could treat heart attacks and prevent

Red Light-activated Anti-Cancer Prodrug Decreases Side Effects

Phorbiplatin is the new anti-cancer prodrug that gets activated by the

Antidepressant Medications are Usually Safe, Says Study

Antidepressants are generally safe, says a new study done by an

Common Painkiller May Prevent Air Pollution Harms: Study

NSAIDs like aspirin may decrease the intensity of adverse effects of

Daily Aspirin May Not Prevent First Heart Attack, Stroke

Aspirin intake can not prevent first heart attack or stroke, according

Antidepressants in Pregnancy Boost Gestational Diabetes Risk

Taking antidepressants while pregnant can raise the risk of

Antidepressants Linked to Gestational Diabetes

Antidepressants are found to be linked to a higher risk of pregnancy related

Best Medicine to Reduce Drooling in People with Developmental Disability

New study highlights the best medications to reduce

Drug Combo Improves Survival In Patients With Advanced Colorectal Cancer

Targeted drug combination containing Encorafenib, Binimetinib and

Targeted Drug Improves survival in Women With Aggressive Breast Cancer

Ribociclib, the targeted drug, when

New Nanogels Has Potential to Improve Drug Delivery In Cancer Patients

New guidelines for fabricating

Nintedanib Slows Progression of Scarring Lung Diseases: Study

Nintedanib, the drug used to treat idiopathic pulmonary

Giant 'Human Capsule' in Indore Sets New World Record

Giant 'human capsule' was formed by a thousand pharma students to spread

New Quick Way to Discover Antibiotics Identified

New promising class of

Reason for the Emergence of Antibiotic Resistance Identified


Around 1 in 3 Lupus Patients Use Prescription Opioids for Pain

Nearly one in three adult patients

How Diabetes Drugs Cause Heart Toxicity Revealed

Dual PPAR (and) #945;/ (and) #947; agonists, one the commonly used

More Research Needed Over Ranitidine Row, says Doctors

Physicians say more research is needed to prove the carcinogenic effects of

New Drug Candidates for Prostate Cancer Identified

Promising drug candidates were identified by the team of researchers

Metformin Reduces Cardiac Risks In Diabetic Patients with Kidney Disease

Metformin, the

Antacid Ranitidine may Cause Cancer, Health Alert Sounded

Drugs Controller of India sounded a public health alert on

Antioxidants Present in Green Tea Could be the Key to Reducing Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistant bacteria could be eliminated by

Ibrutinib Usage Is linked to Cardiac Toxicity: Study

Ibrutinib, the targeted drug used

Cheap Drug Is Equally Efficacious in Protecting Heart in Muscular Dystrophy

Cost-effective generic drug is as effective as a more expensive drug in protecting

Leukemia Drug Has Potential To Treat Childhood Brain Cancer

Drug used to treat

Do the Expenses of Cancer Medications Get Enough Attention?

Health-related quality of life information is neither collected

Five Vital Things to Know About Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnancy

Opioid use is increasing in pregnancy and in general

Effect of Oral Diabetes Drug on Albuminuria Explored

New study has analyzed the effect of canagliflozin on renal and

Blood Pressure Drug Improves Brain Function in Autism Patients

Beta-blockers, drugs used to control blood pressure and lower heart rate, could

Psoriasis Drug Can Treat Osteosarcoma, Says Study

Psoriasis drug could be re purposed to treat a rare but aggressive

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