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Excess Use and Misuse of Benzodiazepines: New Study

Around one in eight adults (12.6 percent) in the U.S.A. used benzodiazepines last

New Ways to Overcome Drug Resistance in Cancer to be identified Soon

South Dakota State University researcher finding various new ways to

New Drug Offers Hope for Patients with Bone Marrow Cancer

New therapeutic drug improved outcomes and

Early Physical Therapy Reduces Risk of Opioid Use

Patients with physical therapy were 7 to 16 percent

Drug Combination to Relieve Symptoms of Motor Neuron Disease

Cannabis compounds given through oral

Nonopioid New Drug Compound for Relieving Chronic Pain

A new drug compound named ML351 was discovered to treat chronic pain without

Unexpected Deaths Due to High-dose Antipsychotics

Children and young adult patients who were not psychotic but using high-dose

Drug Repositioning Helps to Identify New Anti-epilepsy Drugs

Drug repositioning is a process of identifying new applications for existing

Drug Combination Shut Down the Energy Supply to Cancer Cells

Commonly used

Usage of Drugs in Emergency Unit Could be Reduced in Autism Kids

An innovative care model identified by Nemours Children's Hospital

Few Brain Tumors Respond to Immunotherapy: New Study

Brain tumors have become resistant to immunotherapy. But, a

Apomorphine: New Drug to Treat Parkinson's Disease Introduced in India

New drug

Brain Activation Alleviates Opioid Related Social Isolation

Opioid abusers isolate themselves from

Link Between Empathy and Drug Relapse Identified

Empathy, a vital feature in normal social interactions, can have harmful

Opioid Prescriptions Can Be Drastically Reduced After Surgery With No Increase in Pain

Number of prescribed opioids reduced

Over-Prescription Of Drugs - Cause Of Concern For UK Government Health Officials

The British Health Secretary Matt Hancock has called a

Higher Statins Dose Could Save More Lives

Increasing doses of statins could

Overprescription of Cholesterol-lowering Agents to Risky Patients

Healthy People who don't suffer from a cardiovascular

New Drug Target to Treat High Blood Pressure Identified

Newly discovered drug target can help treat high blood

Antidepressant Doesn't Seem to Help Stroke Recovery

Fluoxetine, the common medication prescribed

New drug combination for treating Chronic Leukemia

Combination of ibrutinib plus rituximab was

Variation in Consumption of Antibiotics Among Children

Sales of oral antibiotics prescribed for children in 70 high and

Recombinant Subunit Vaccine Found Effective for Zika Virus

A new vaccine

New Drug Combination Is More Effective For Melanoma

Protein kinase inhibitors usage is

Drug to Treat Blood Clots in Cancer Patients

Apixaban is the new oral drug for treating blood clots in

Diabetic Retinopathy: A New Drug Can Mend the Damaged Blood Vessels

New Drug -CD5-2 Can help Preserve the tight network of the blood

FDA's Nod for New Drug to Treat Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Xospata, the new drug

Combination Immunotherapy Could Improve Outcome in Melanoma

Adoptive cell transfer (ACT) is the new cancer

Racial Differences in Oral Anticoagulant Usage

White and Hispanic patients are receiving novel and powerful

Good Response Rate for Venetoclax Against AML

Venetoclax with azacitidine combination shown

Antibiotic Prevents Neurodegeneration in Aged Patients

Minocycline, the standard antibiotic is found to

Drug Increasing Brown Fat Helps Fight Obesity

New drug compound by name BMP8b, could convert the white fat in our body to

Mouse to Human Machine Model Bridges Barrier in Drug Development

A ground breaking new model for translating

Gene Editing: The New Route to Identify Antibiotics

Biosynthetic pathway is the new chemical

Antidepressant Carries Same Risk of Falls (and) Fractures as Antipsychotics

Atypical antipsychotics were used previously for treating

Experts Suggest Liberal Regulatory System for Cannabis-Based Medicines in India

Though cannabis is used as a wonder plant in the treatment of

Advanced Therapies for Treating Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

The number of cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL), one of the

Visible Light for Discovering Safer Drug Leads

Acetaminophen, which is commonly called as paracetamol may provide relief

Anabolic Steroids Increase Premature Death in Men

Men who use anabolic steroids like testosterone may

MRI Scans Can Predict Dementia Among Elderly

MRI brain scans may help predict whether old patients will develop dementia

Nerve Damage in Type-2 Diabetes Prevented by Vitamin B12 Screening

Irreversible, painful and potentially disabling

Concomitant Use of Sleeping Pills and Pain Killers Common among Alzheimer's

Benzodiazepines were used concomitantly with strong opioids by Alzheimer's

Aspirin (and) Omega-3 Decrease Incidence of Precancerous Bowel Polyps

Aspirin and omega-3 EPA (

Increased Use of Pots Over Cigarettes and Alcohol in Teens

Adolescents' 'gateway pattern' of substance use is changing, where they

Convection Enhanced Delivery can Halt the Spread of Brain Cancer

Spread of cancer cells in glioblastoma to other body

Sexual Preference Recognized as a Risk Factor in Opioid Misuse

Bisexual individuals are more likely to

Epinephrine Auto Injectors Still Work After Being Frozen

Freezing had no effect on how the epinephrine auto injectors (EAIs

New Compound Against Abnormal Heart Rhythm and Clogged Arteries Developed

SS-68, the new medicine showed promising results in preventing

New Anti-inflammatory Drug Discovered

New anti-inflammatory drug molecule acts by inhibiting

Vocal Abilities Lost to ADNP Syndrome Could be Recovered

Vocal communication abilities that are lost due

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