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New Method to Deliver Drugs to the Brain

A potentially new approach has been discovered that

Novel Antidepressant May Promote Sleep in Depression Patients

Vortioxetine, a novel

Ketamine Maybe an Effective, Safe Alternative for Treating Acute Pain

Low-dose ketamine (LDK) administered intravenously is as

FDA: 800 Dietary Supplements Contained Unapproved Drug Ingredients

A new analysis has found that nearly 800 dietary

Benzodiazepines Linked to Suicide Risk in Patients With COPD, PTSD

In patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, as well as

Can a Common Pain Relieving Drug Cause Liver Failure?

Common pain reliever, acetaminophen is the leading cause

New Vaccine Shows Promise Against Lassa Fever and Rabies

Novel vaccine developed to protect people from both Lassa fever and rabies

Antiepileptic Drug Use Can Increase Stroke Risk in Alzheimer's Patients

Use of antiepileptic drugs is linked to a higher risk of stroke amongst

Novel 3-in-1 Vaccine Can Fight Against Traveler's Diarrhea

New three in one vaccine is designed to fight against the main causes

Gout Drug Allopurinol may Prove Effective Against Chronic Kidney Disease

Gout drug allopurinol was found to protect against the

Party Drug GHB Linked to Brain and Cognitive Changes

Negative effects of regular use of

FDA Approves Use of HPV Vaccine for People Aged between 27 to 45 Years

FDA has expanded the use of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine for people

Weight Loss Drug Lorcaserin Turns Diabetes Buster

Lorcaserin currently used as a weight-loss drug could have diabetes preventive

ALS Drug can Help Treat Prostate Cancer

An old drug was found to have a novel potential to

Promising New Treatment May Fight Against Alzheimer's Disease

New drug holds promise for reversing memory loss and

Common Painkiller Ineffective for Chronic Pain After Traumatic Nerve Injury: Study

Common pain killer like pregabalin is not effective in controlling pain for

Vabomere Drug Set to Hit the Market as New Medicine for Infections

Vabomere - a

New Gene Therapy Can Help Treat Rare Inherited Disorder

New gene therapy, bLuxturna/b (voretigene neparvovec

New Drug May Help Prevent Migraine

Monoclonal antibody, bEmgality/b (galcanezumab

Supreme Court Permits Sale of Saridon, Two Other Drugs for Now

Supreme court lifted a ban on the production and sale of Piramal's painkiller

Aspirin Unlikely to Benefit Older People

In older adults without previous cardiovascular events, low-

Drug Targets for Treating Brain-eating Amoeba Infections

Three novel molecular drug targets in N. fowleri that are able

Are We Taking Meds on Time to Suit Our Body's Internal Clock?

Circadian medicine is the latest in the field of

New Nanoparticle Technology Can Help Fight Sepsis

Stimuli-responsive nanoparticles can precisely target infections to stop the

Inhaled Form of Hypertension Drug Has Potential to Treat Anxiety, Pain

High blood pressure medications, when taken in an inhaled

New Drug to Treat Highly Aggressive Pancreatic Cancer Developed

New drug has been developed to treat highly aggressive and

Antibiotic Prescription for Cough may Not Affect the Chance of Repeated Hospitalization

Antibiotics prescribed by doctors and nurses don't really reduce the risk

Arthritis Drug May Raise the Risk of Skin Cancer

Drug that is used to treat arthritis, inflammatory

Bivalirudin Used as an Anticoagulant in Interventional Cardiovascular Procedures

New study highlights the use of bivalirudin for

New Generation Pain Medications with Fewer Side Effects Developed

New generation pain medications developed by a research team works without

Single-dose Drug May Reduce Flu Symptoms

Single dose of a new influenza drug can reduce the duration of the flu

Nalbuphine May Help Treat Opioid-Related Urinary Retention

Opioid-induced urine retention can be managed with the help of

New Non-addictive Pain Killer Discovered

Non-addictive pain killer known as AT-121 is a new

Chinese Patients to Get Cheaper Cancer Drugs from September

Chinese patients will be able to buy 14 kinds of cancer drugs at a

Single Step Naloxone Nasal Spray Can Reduce Opioid Overdose Deaths

Single-step nasal spray naloxone

Gout Drug Can Help Reduce Adverse Events in Patients with Hyperuricemia

Gout drug can help lower adverse events in patients with hyperuricemia, reports a

Diabetes Drug May Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Diabetes management drug may help lower heart disease risk

New Hope: Anemia Treating Drugs May Improve Recovery after a Heart Attack

Drugs being trialed to treat anemia can provide new hopes to aid

Drug Lowers Death, Hospitalization Risks from Underdiagnosed Form of Heart Failure

Tafamidis, a drug may help reduce deaths and hospitalizations in

One in Twelve Children Taking Multiple Medications at Risk

Teenage girls are an

New Method to Deliver Nusinersen Drug to Patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy

New method to deliver bnusinersen/b drug to

New Diagnostic Biomarkers Coming Soon For Cerebral Aneurysm Risk

New diagnostic biomarkers to identify patients at risk for cerebral

New Drug To Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

New drug to treat rheumatoid arthritis was successful

Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis Treatment Successful in Children

Tuberculosis treatment is successful in children with

Candidate for Universal Flu Vaccine Protects Against Multiple Strains: Study

A modified-RNA vaccine

Common ADHD Drug Can Cause Hallucinations And Psychotic Symptoms

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drugs like

Antibiotic Side Effects: Nearly 70,000 Kids Visit Emergency Room Every Year

Nearly 70,000 children visit emergency room in the U.S. every year for allergic

Antidepressant Fluoxetine can Delay Brain Aging in Mice

MIT's Picower Institute for Learning and Memory scientists have

Mono Antiplatelet Drug Therapy After Heart Valve Replacement Shows Promising Results

One antiplatelet drug therapy after heart valve replacement was found to work

Fake, Low-quality Medicines Prevalent in the Developing World

More than 13% of the essential medicines

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