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Mono Antiplatelet Drug Therapy After Heart Valve Replacement Shows Promising Results

One antiplatelet drug therapy after heart valve replacement was found to work

Fake, Low-quality Medicines Prevalent in the Developing World

More than 13% of the essential medicines

Rotavirus Vaccination Linked to Reduced Infant Diarrhea Deaths

In rural Malawi, a region with high levels

Potentially Inappropriate Drugs Linked to Higher Risk of Fracture and Death: Study

Introduction to potentially inappropriate medication (PIM) is

Novel Drug Delivery System Delivers Anti-cancer Drugs That Reduce Tumor Size

Osaka University-led researchers enhanced the efficacy of inhibitors in cancer

Novel Drug Discovered May Reverse Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Newly discovered drug may reverse pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), reports

Naltrexone Can Help Cut Heavy Alcohol Use in HIV Positive Patients

Extended-release naltrexone is an injection that decreases heavy

Statins can Now Help Treat Lung Disease Too

Statins, usually help in treating cardiovascular diseases

Chemotherapy Drug Doxorubicin Can Cause Congestive Heart Failure

Doxorubicin, a chemotherapy drug widely used in ovarian

New Drugs Targeting Gut Microbes may Reduce Cardiovascular Risk

The non-antibiotic compounds tested in animal models

Over 60 Years Mystery Cracked on How a Drug Caused Birth Defects

After 60 years of mystery, scientists uncover how thalidomide drug caused birth

Artificial Intelligence System that can Design Drugs from Scratch

An artificial-intelligence approach can now teach itself to design new

New Ways to Assess Drug Benefits can Help Cut Health Care Costs: Study

Matching-adjusted indirect comparison (MAIC) method can provide unbiased

Awareness on Safe Opioid Use and Disposal Lacking among Older Americans

A national study of opioid use and disposal, conducted

New Drug for Hair Loss and Skin Damage Caused by Fatty Diet

Hair loss, hair whitening, and skin inflammation caused by fatty diet

Diabetes Drugs Can Help Immune Cells in Controlling Inflammation

A common class of drugs used to treat diabetes has been found to exert a

Targeted Drug Delivery Using Magnetic Surgical Cement That Heals Spinal Fractures

By adding magnetic particles to surgical cement used to heal spinal

New Drug for Undruggable Enzymes in Huntington's Disease

A new drug system that has the

Antibiotic Ciprofloxacin: Dark Side Revealed

Use of ciprofloxacin and other antibiotics of the class of fluoroquinolones

Novel Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury Identified

A novel enzyme that can be given through intravenous injection for

Treatments for Cancer and Sickle Cell Disease Linked with Infertility

Radiation and drugs used in the treatment of cancer and sickle cell disease

Unnecessary Prescription of Fluoroquinolones Have Been Found in Unrelated Conditions

Fluoroquinolones have been found to be prescribed unnecessarily

Depression and Antidepressants - Risk for Venous Thromboembolism

Each of the various classes of antidepressant medications

Are Painkillers Given to Dementia Patients Really Dangerous?

Common painkillers were found to triple harmful side effects in dementia

Lutemax 2020 Supplementation Protects the Eyes from Blue Light Damage

Lutemax 2020 supplementation may reduce oxidative and endoplasmic reticulum

Drug Scandal Shakes China's Vaccine Industry to Halt Rabies Vaccine

A drug scandal in one of China's largest manufacturer of vaccines has

ADHD Drugs May Not Enhance Cognition in Healthy Students

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medications may not

Chlorhexidine may not Prevent Infections from Oral Procedures

Chlorhexidine may not prevent infections in oral procedures but is

Original Versus Generic Medicines for Chronic Hepatitis C

Original chronic hepatitis C medicines may work better than generic

Diabetes Drug Ingredient Modified to Improve Side Effects

New discovery by modifying the key ingredient in diabetes drugs

New Drug Made from Chili Peppers May Benefit Weight Loss Treatment

Novel anti-obesity drug based on capsaicin, a compound that gives chili

Implications of Unmet Promise of a Miracle Drug for Alzheimer's Disease: Review

Researchers lament the unmet

Pregnant Women With Opioid Use Disorders Need Opioid Agonist Therapies

Pregnant women with opioid use disorder are often denied the

Pain Management Plans for Surgery Patients Who Use Opioids

Opioid use is common among patients undergoing surgery; it is important that

First Drug for Smallpox Treatment Approved by FDA

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first drug with an

Oral Anticoagulants Linked With Bleeding Risk in Kidney Disease Patients

Direct oral anticoagulants may predispose patients with chronic

Drugs Combination that Boosts Immune System Among the Elderly

A combination treatment that safely enhances the ability of the

Ways to Personalize Medicine According to Individual's Physiology

Personalized medicine with the use of cell-free protein synthesis

Hepatitis C Vaccine Could Reduce Transmission Among Drug Users

The new study conducted by Loyala researchers estimated that if an

New Genetic Computational Tool to Predict Individualized Drug Response

A new computational tool that identifies which

Fresh Insights into Whooping Cough Vaccine

New pertussis vaccine fell short of generating a robust T

Verapamil may be an Effective Drug for Type-1 Diabetes

Regular oral administration of verapamil enables patients to produce

Mountain Sickness Drug can Help Slow Progression of Brain Tumor

Drug that used to treat altitude sickness may

Senolytic Drugs Reverse Damage Caused by Senescent Cells

Treatment with a combination of dasatinib and quercetin could prevent cell

Drugs to Treat Severe High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Compared

Safety and efficacy

New Model Automates Molecule Design to Speed Drug Development

Machine-learning model developed by MIT researchers could help chemists make

New Drug to Treat Dupuytren's Disease

Novel drug brings new hope to patients with Dupuytren's disease. The

New Plant-based Drug Can Treat Two Life-threatening Diseases

New drug can provide effective treatment for two life-threatening

Expanding Primary Care Buprenorphine Treatment can Prevent Opioid Overdose Crisis

Opioid overdose can be reduced by

Combinations of Antibiotics That Reduce or Enhance its Effectiveness

Antibiotics, when combined with other antibiotics, non-

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