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Aleglitazar may be Effective for the Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis

bAleglitazar/b, an

No Difference in Malignancy Rates Seen Between Tocilizumab and TNFi in Patients With RA, Says Study

New study examined malignancy rates in rheumatoid

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Early, Intensive Treatment can Cut Death Rates

Early, intensive treatment of rheumatoid arthritis has long

Promising New Compound F6 as Effective as FDA Approved Antibiotics


Opioid Pain Medications Increase Risk of Bone Fractures, Delay Fracture Healing

Opioid use, which includes chronic overuse of certain medications, may

NSAIDs Up Cardiovascular Risk in Osteoarthritis Patients

Scientists found the effect of NSAID use on increased cardiovascular risk in

Canakinumab Benefits Gout Patients

Canakinumab was found to reduce the rate of gout by more than half compared to

Zoledronic Acid Has No Effect on Knee-osteoarthritis Related Pain After Two Years

Infusion of zoledronic acid (ZA) did not reduce knee pain

What is The Best Drug Combination for Ankylosing Spondylitis?

Among patients with ankylosing spondylitis, a combination of two

Oral Antifungal Drug Fluconazole Not Linked With Stillbirth Risk

The use of fluconazole was not associated with increased

Lutathera may Improve Quality of Life in Midgut Neuroendocrine Tumors

bLutathera may improve the quality of life for midgut neuroendocrine tumor

Novel Epigenetic Drug Found Effective Against Mantle Cell Lymphoma

New compound with epigenetic and anti-tumor effects was found to be effective

New Drug Reduces Risk of SIRS and Sepsis

bDrug deformylase/b may one day be a new

Deformylase - A Potential New Drug For Sepsis

bDeformylase/b, a new drug, may be able

Bacteria Eating Viruses Could Provide Alternative To Reckless Antibiotics

Asthma Drug Reverses Cognitive Impairments in Mice With Dementia

In an animal model, tau pathology - the second-

Antimicrobial Use Feedback: Key Component of Antibiotic Stewardship Initiatives

Provider opinions of antimicrobial use

Drug That Reduces Delirium in Postoperative Patients may Lead to Better Care: Study

Drug that reduces delirium in older patients after

Arthritis Drugs May Impact Mental Health

Arthritis drugs may impact mental health by improving pain and stiffness and by

Metformin may Benefit Diabetics with Kidney Disease

Metformin, an oral diabetes drug is

Experimental Drug Improves Bladder Function After Spinal Cord Injury

A new experimental drug could one day restore bladder

Immunosuppressants May Prevent Parkinson's Disease

People who take

Synthetic Opioids may Replace the Addictive Opioids Real Soon

Synthetic opioid production can

New Marine Compound Can be Effective Against Drug-Resistant Pathogens

New compound lipoxazolidinone A can be effective against drug-resistant bacteria

Most Popular Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Provide No Health Benefit

Most common vitamin and mineral supplements have no consistent

Long-term Use of Antidepressants May Up Obesity Risk

Long-term use of antidepressants can increase the risk of weight gain that

Drugs Used to Treat Parkinson's may Work for TB too

A molecular mechanism has been discovered explaining genetic evidence

Pregnancy Drug DES Triggers ADHD Generations Later

Elevated odds for attention deficit hyperactivity

Old Drug Shows Promise for Treatment of Motor Neurone Disease

Ebselen, a drug which was discovered in the 1980s and has been investigated

New Drug Therapy to Stop Cancer Spread Developed

A compound that blocks the spread of pancreatic and other cancers

Psoriasis Patients Taking Humira Drug Show No Change in Aortic Vascular Inflammation

Drug adalimumab - marketed as Humira used to treat psoriasis and

Drug to Treat Daytime Sleepiness Does Not Improve Driving Task Performance

Armodafinil, drug used to treat daytime sleepiness does not appear to improve

Tobacco Plant Protein Can Lead to Discovery of New Antibiotics

Protein found in tobacco plant can pave the way for the development of

Diabetes Drugs Can Treat Alzheimer's Disease

Diabetes drugs can be used effectively in the

Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs Taken During Pregnancy Not Linked to Serious Infection Risk in Child

When pregnant women take certain rheumatoid arthritis (RA

Drug Used to Treat Bleeding can Now Treat Brain Stroke

A drug used to treat blood loss from major trauma and bleeding after

Ibuprofen 'Not' Safe for Treating Simple Urinary Tract Infection

Ibuprofen, a commonly used painkiller is given to

New Drug Shows Preclinical Efficacy in Rett Syndrome

New study shows how a new drug is able to reduce the symptoms and activate

Nitric Oxide in Heart Drugs May Improve Heart Function

Nitric oxide in heart drugs can improve heart

Effectiveness of HPV Vaccination Studied

Young women who did not carry HPV, vaccination reduced the

Many Older Adults Discharged from the Hospital Receive Inappropriate Prescriptions: Study

Inappropriate prescriptions are given to many older adults

Creating Drugs With Fewer Unwanted Side Effects

New study describes a breakthrough technology with the power

New Insights into Anti-rheumatic Drugs

Stopping tumor necrosis factor inhibitors in patients with

Osteoporosis Drug May Improve Your Heart Health

Osteoporosis drug alendronate reduced the risk of cardiovascular

New Epilepsy Drug From Red Sea Fungus Discovered

New drugs can be formulated using iAspergillus fumigatus/i, red sea fungus to

Heart Attack Still a Risk Even When You are on Statins

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) or genetic variations could

New Chemical Sensing Chip to Detect Cocaine in Minutes

A new chip that could one day help detect cocaine, opioids and marijuana as

Novel Strategy to Overcome Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics used in treating bacterial infections become ineffective

Drugs can now be Rapidly Tested for Bad Crystalline Content

The new instrument created by the Purdue University

Fresh Insights into Pre-term Exposure to Anti-depressants

New research assessed complex relationships between pre-birth

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