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Alzheimer's Drug Repairs Neuron Damage In Rats Exposed to Alcohol

Donepezil, the drug used to slow down cognitive decline in Alzheimer's

Dacomitinib in Advanced Lung Cancer: Risks Outweigh Survival Benefit

Dacomitinib, the drug approved by the FDA in April 2019

Excess Blood Pressure Medications During Hospital Discharge Pose Serious Events

Blood pressure medications, when taken in excess amounts by elderly patients at

Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Linked With Increased Treatment of Other Chronic Diseases

Patients receiving treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD) are more

FDA Approves New Pill for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new medication

Charcoal-based Drug Delivery System Enhances Efficacy of Acyclovir

Acyclovir, the common herpes drug, when combined with the

Drug Hastens Blood System's Recovery Post-Chemo (and) Radiation

New drug developed by UCLA physician-scientists and chemists accelerates the

High-fat Foods can Increase Cannabidiol Absorption into the Body

Eating high-fat foods after taking oral cannabidiol (CBD) increased the body

Evolutionary History of Antibiotic Production (and) Resistance Revealed

Natural history of antibiotic

Researchers Search for Ideas to Fight Antibiotic Resistance

How superbugs adapt to fight an antibiotic? Researchers are

Resistance to Two Vital Antibiotics Widespread in Southeast Asia

Osteoporosis Drugs Decrease the Risk of Premature Death

Nitrogen-bisphosphonates, commonly prescribed drugs to treat

FDA Considers Approval of New Anti Tuberculosis Drug

CD8+ T cells help control infection and aid in the development of an

Hepatitis C Drugs can Decrease Liver-related Deaths by Nearly Half

Antiviral drugs for hepatitis C decrease liver-related deaths by

Anti-parasitic Drug Treats Ebola: Study

Nitazoxanide, the existing FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug treats Ebola

New Guidance Helps Prescribers Sort Out Who Needs a Pill Organizer

Prescribers and pharmacists can decide which patients likely to benefit from

Data Indicates Increase in Opioid Use for Treating Migraine

Many Americans are using opioids to treat

Painkillers Increase Cardiovascular Risk in Osteoarthritis Patients

NSAIDs prescribed to OA patients to control pain

Legalization of Marijuana Decreases Opioid Deaths: Study

Marijuana access decreases opioid-related deaths, according to the new

New Treatment Option can Relieve Fluid Overload in Some Heart Failure Patients

Higher doses of

New Drug Combination Effective in Treating Bovine Leukemia

Drug combination containing immune checkpoint inhibitor and an enzyme inhibitor

Ketamine Isn't an Opioid and Treats Depression by New Mechanism

Ketamine's unique mechanism of

Aspirin Boosts Liver Function After Liver Cancer Embolization

Aspirin improves liver function and survival rate in HCC

Brand-brand Competition Not Likely to Decrease List Prices of Drugs

Brand-brand competition unlikely to lower list prices of brand-

Asthma Drug Slows Down Retinopathy Changes in Type 1 Diabetes

Asthma medication named montelukast (brand

Combination Drug Regimen to Treat Leukemia Discovered

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients who are resistant

Cannabidiol Attenuates Aggressiveness: Study

Cannabidiol reduces the aggressiveness

Antihistamines Use for Cold, Cough on Rise

In children under 12, doctors are more likely to

Multiple Sclerosis Medicine Gilenya Must Not Be Used In Pregnant Women

EMA's human medicines

Opioid Painkiller Use High Among New Mothers

One in 75 new American mothers go on to long-term opioid painkiller use, the

Drugs Used to Treat Atrial Fibrillation may Increase Risk of Falls

Older adults who take medications for atrial fibrillation

New Persistent Opioid Use High among Women Giving Birth

Opioid prescription for women prior to delivery leads to new

Antibiotics Inhibit Tumor Activity in Skin Lymphoma: Study

Antibiotics found to inhibit rare lymphoma (a type of cancer) in the

New Device Automatically Delivers Drug to Reverse Opioid Effects

Device that automatically detects

Novel System Enables Large-scale Preclinical Testing of Heart Drugs (and) Therapies

Novel culture system that enables to keep slices of human hearts alive

Prescribing Rates of Opioids Higher in US Compared to Other Countries

Physicians in the US prescribe

Aspirin: Widespread Use Despite Few Benefits, High Risks

Findings have led the American Heart Association and American

New Drug for Treating Ovarian, Pancreatic Cancers Developed

New immunotherapy to combat pancreatic and ovarian cancers was found out by

Ivacaftor Reduces Common Respiratory Infections in CF Patients

Patients with cystic fibrosis who take the drug ivacaftor regularly have

Anti-malarial Drug Primaquine: Fresh Insights

The significant steps in understanding the way that the

Marijuana Legalization Linked to Decreased Interest in Alcohol: Study

Legalizing recreational marijuana will be a profitable investment for

'Trojan Horse' Chemotherapeutic Drug Disguises as Fat: Study

Tumors invite the drug 'Trojan Horse' inside, thinking it

Children With Aggressive Brain Tumor Benefit from Heart Drug

Repurposing a heart drug found to significantly enhance the survival rate among

Prescribed Opioids Raise Overdose Risk for Family Members Without Prescriptions

Access to family members' prescribed

Intranasal Sufentanil: Effective for Emergency Pain Relief

In patients with severe traumatic pain, intranasal sufentanil was found to

Turbo Chip Facilitates (and) Accelerates Drug Development: Study

Combining various steps on a chip could facilitate and accelerate the

New Motor Neurons Identified Among Patients with ALS

New unique population of motor

Enzyme Replacement Therapy Launched by Takeda in India

Global biopharmaceutical company Takeda announced the launch of the

Drug Candidates to Treat Antibiotic-resistant Infections Identified

Potential new drug candidates

Patients on Opioids for Chronic Pain Face Health Care Access Problems

Getting access to primary care not available for patients

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