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Gonorrhea Vaccine to be Developed Soon After Intense Protein Analysis

Vaccine for gonorrhea and mechanism of development for

Radiation Therapy can Improve Lives of Anal Cancer Patients

Radiation therapy prolongs or improves the lives of people with anal

Glaucoma Severity may be Missed by Traditional Testing

The severity of glaucoma may not be detected

New Drug Reduces Menstrual Bleeding

For women with the most common gynecologic tumors in the United States, elagolix

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Kill 33,000 People Every Year

Emergence of antibiotic

Tarloxotinib Drug helps Treat HER2 Lung Cancer

HER2 gene, the well-known driver of breast cancer, also

Uncomplicated Gonorrhea can be Cured by a Novel Antibiotic

Zoliflodacin, an investigational antibiotic, which can be given

Chemical synthesis can produce more potent antibiotics: Study

Antibiotics can be modified by a new chemical reaction making them

Anti-cancer Drug can now Treat Brain Stroke in Young People

Ponatinib, an anti-cancer drug has been identified as

Bottlenecks in Drug Research Resolved by New AI Based Technology

A new AI based technology can significantly speed up the discovery of new

Cholesterol-lowering Drug Can Reduce Chances of Second Heart Attack, Stroke

Cholesterol-lowering drug alirocumab can help reduce

Opioid Overdose Reversal Products Chemically Stable Past Expiration Date

Drugs administered to prevent opioid overdose deaths

Opioid Use May Increase the Risk of Heart Rhythm Disorder

Opioid use may increase an individual's risk for developing a

New Way to Screen Potential Drugs to Select Those That Interfere With Tumour Cells Found

Cancer drugs that can eliminate cell

Race and Ethnicity Play a Key Role in Treating Kids with Fractures

Race and ethnicity are playing an important role in the treatment

Denosumab for Osteoporosis in Transfusion Dependent Thalassemia

Denosumab injection

Sharing Leftover Antibiotics Has Increased Among Family Members

Unnecessary use of antibiotics, i.e., taking the wrong dosage at the wrong

Diabetes Drugs May Reduce Alzheimer's Disease Severity

Diabetes medications may help reduce the severity of

Mechanism of Drug Dimethyl Fumarate Against Sclerosis, Psoriasis Analyzed

Study conducted by Aarhus University scientists has provided fresh

Vatinoxan Increases the Safety of Animal Sedation and Anesthesia

Vatinoxan, the new pharmacological molecule has been evident to increase the

Role of Dopamine in Heroin Addiction

Addictive effects of heroin and its underlying mechanism on brain

Antibiotic Resistance Causes Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

Dolutegravir, an Alternative First-line Drug for HIV

Dolutegravir drug was proved to be

Madras High Court Restrains Sale of Drugs by Online Pharmacies

Madras High Court ordered to restrain the sale of medications by online

Injections to Reduce Early Menopause from Breast Cancer Treatment Identified

Women who take injections of the hormone drug goserelin along with

Opioid Affected Births Rising Among Rural Residents

Maternal opioid use disorder (OUD) and neonatal abstinence

Treat Depression Using Opioid Combination

Combination of opioids buprenorphine and samidorphan helps reduce the

New Experimental Vaccine may Reduce Post-stroke Blood Clot Risk

An experimental vaccine tested in mice provided protection

Side Effects of Drugs on Lungs Examined

The toxic effects on the lung of

Preliminary Tests of Novel Drug Show Promising Results in Treating Alzheimer's

Newly found drug for Alzheimer's shows a promising result in the preliminary

New Mode of Action and Benefits of Metformin Discovered

Metformin, an established drug for type 2 diabetes may help

Novel Epigenetic Drug Approach can Treat Cancer

Epigenetic mediators were

New Topical Gel to Prevent Pesticide Toxicity Developed

Finding a solution to prevent farmer's exposure to toxic pesticides is the

New Research Proved Paclitaxel Modulates the Immune System

New effect of paclitaxel, which is widely used for the treatment of

New Treatment Option for Hormone Receptor-positive Breast Cancer

Palcociclib combined with the existing

New Strategy Identified to Treat Chemo-Resistant Acute Myeloid Leukemia

A promising strategy to treat chemotherapy-resistant acute

Gut Microbiota Recovers After Antibiotics

Administration of 3 antibiotics to young healthy men

New Vaccine Shows Promising Results Against Chicken Disease

A new vaccine strategy developed by scientists offers protection to

Aspirin: Good Clot Buster After Knee Replacement Surgery

Putting patients on aspirin following a knee replacement is a

Post Operative Stay Among Non-opioid Users Shortened

Opioids work well as an analgesic and have remained the mainstay of

Questionable Role of Antipsychotics in ICU Delirium

Antipsychotics used to treat delirium may be ineffective in treating critically

New Method to Deliver Drugs to the Brain

A potentially new approach has been discovered that

Novel Antidepressant May Promote Sleep in Depression Patients

Vortioxetine, a novel

Ketamine Maybe an Effective, Safe Alternative for Treating Acute Pain

Low-dose ketamine (LDK) administered intravenously is as

FDA: 800 Dietary Supplements Contained Unapproved Drug Ingredients

A new analysis has found that nearly 800 dietary

Benzodiazepines Linked to Suicide Risk in Patients With COPD, PTSD

In patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, as well as

Can a Common Pain Relieving Drug Cause Liver Failure?

Common pain reliever, acetaminophen is the leading cause

New Vaccine Shows Promise Against Lassa Fever and Rabies

Novel vaccine developed to protect people from both Lassa fever and rabies

Antiepileptic Drug Use Can Increase Stroke Risk in Alzheimer's Patients

Use of antiepileptic drugs is linked to a higher risk of stroke amongst

Novel 3-in-1 Vaccine Can Fight Against Traveler's Diarrhea

New three in one vaccine is designed to fight against the main causes

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