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Anti-fungal Used for Yeast Infections to Cause Miscarriage

Fluconazole, the commonly used oral anti-fungal to treat vaginal

Mechanism of Development of Antibiotic Resistance Identified


Animal Venom as a Source of New Medicines

Animal venoms are the subject of study at a

Antidepressant Could Save from Deadly Sepsis

An antidepressant drug used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder could save

Statins to Protect Against Motor Neuron Disease

High cholesterol could increase the risk of

Antiepileptic Drug Use and Dementia Not Linked

In over 100,000 patients followed in general and

New Approaches to Cure Drug-resistant Tuberculosis

Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) can be cured in conflict-affected

New Painkiller Acts Long (and) Less Addictive Than Morphine

Three versions of natural nanoparticle have

New Method to Identify Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria


Bio-print Model for Improved Anticancer Drugs and Treatments

Researchers of the University of Minnesota have developed a way to study

Measures to Reduce Antibiotic Usage Require a Tailored Approach

Fear of leaving infectious

Drug Discovery Through Machine Learning Algorithm

New machine learning algorithm

Erenumab Provides Added Benefit for Certain Migraine Patients

Erenumab was the first drug of a new drug class

Aspirin Underutilized to Prevent Colon Cancer among Risky Patients


Ingestible Injections Through a new Drug Delivery Device

A new ingestible device, inspired by the self-orienting shape of

Oral Vaccines Powered by Micromotors Developed

Oral vaccines powered by micromotors that

Anti-diabetic Drug Has the Potential to Change Your Gut Microbiome: Here's How

Acarbose, an anti-diabetic drug can alter the gut microbiome

NSAID Impairs Immune Response, Worsens Heart (and) Kidney Damage

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs) are widely known painkillers

Cilostazol-combination Reduces Risk for Recurrent Stroke

Stroke survivors taking a

Advances in Virtual Pharmacology Tackles Unknown Drugs

Scientists at UC San Francisco, in collaboration

New Sensitivity Test Could Change Antibiotic Prescription

Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections, but

Men too Needs HPV Vaccination

Men should also be vaccinated against HPV to protect themselves against

Insect Microbiome Provides a Rich Source of New Antibiotics

Medicine was transformed in

Drug Used for Transplantation Could Treat Few Liver Cancers

Commonly used anti-rejection medication could be repurposed to treat

Statins Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk Among Elderly

Effects of statins in nearly 187,000 people who had taken part in 28

Antidepressants Raise Risk of GI, Intracranial Bleeding

Patients taking antidepressants especially selective serotonin reuptake

New Findings Of The Antimalarial Drug Revealed

Artemisinin is the antimalarial drug that is derived from the leaves and

Opioid Prescriptions Related to Poor Labor Force Participation

Prescription opioids could affect labor force participation

Opioids for Children: New Insights

A nationwide survey commissioned by the American Society of Anesthesiologists

Opioid Use in Severe Osteoarthritis Patients Examined

In older patients with severe osteoarthritis, prescription

New Anti-influenza Drugs Designed

Drugs which could combat flu pandemic, by targeting

Overprescription of Antidepressants Among Elderly Patients

Overprescribing of antidepressants occurred in nearly one-

Mechanism of Harm Caused by Certain Drugs on Kidney Identified

GSK3 is identified to be the Master

Finasteride is Safe and Effective Preventive Strategy for Prostate Cancer

Finasteride is a generic hormone-blocking drug which is found

Access to Information Reduces Unnecessary Antibiotic Prescriptions

More information access about how doctors prescribe drugs could reduce

1-hour Discharge Rule for Patients With Opiate Overdose

Opioid overdose patients treated with Naloxone are safe for discharge from

Aspirin Frequent Use Linked to Increased Bleeding

Aspirin intake on a regular basis could prevent heart

Antiepileptics Prolongs Hospital Stay in Alzheimer's Disease

Patients who have Alzheimer's

Aspirin to Lower Risk of Stroke in Women With History of Preeclampsia

Women in middle-age having a history of

Trump Admin's Price Disclosure Policy Unlikely to Help Curb Drug Prices: Study

A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that the Trump

Pembrolizumab to Prolong Survival in the Head and Neck Cancer

Squamous cell carcinoma is one of the most common

Painkillers (and) Decongestants Increases the Risk of Heart Attack

Patients who take anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) and decongestants regularly

Drugs Acting Through New Protein Increase Body's HDL Levels

ORP2 is

Fentanyl Test Strips Are Effective In Preventing Drug Overdoses

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid which is very potent that a tiny amount

New Antibiotic Against Drug Resistant Superbug Developed

Flinders University researcher

Mavoglurant to Improve Eye Gaze Behavior in Fragile X Syndrome

Mavoglurant is an experimental drug which negatively modulates mGluR5 that can

Development of Potent Antibiotics from Molecular Machine Revealed

A 30-year mystery of how the molecular machinery works

Overprescription of Antibiotics in the ER for Infants With Viral Lung Infections

Antibiotics are still commonly prescribed in the U.S. emergency

Overprescription of Opioids for Elbow Fractures in Children: CHOP Surgeons

Opioids prescribed to children for pain relief after a typical pediatric

A Quarter of Antibiotics Prescribed for Children and Adults Found Unnecessary

One in 10 children and one in

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