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Understanding How an Influenza Vaccine Works

Understanding as to how the body builds immunity aids

Does Pain Processing Alter After Opioid Discontinuation?

Discontinuation of remifentanil, a potent, short-acting synthetic

Side Effects of Medical Cannabis can Outweigh Its Benefits

Side effects of medical cannabinoids can outweigh its benefits

Heroin Vaccine To Treat Addiction and Reduce Overuse of Opioids

A safe and effective vaccine to both treat heroin

Asthma Medications may Influence Women's Ability to Conceive

Long-acting steroid inhalers when used

Medical Cannabis: Safer than Opioids for Elderly to Treat Chronic Pain

Chronic pain in older people can be significantly relieved by

New Weapon in the Fight Against Rising Antibiotic Resistance Discovered

The natural antibiotic compounds called

Novel Method to Produce Innovative Drugs Developed

A new cost-effective method synthetically producing a

Drug Research for Eye Disease Finds Potential Cancer Drug

bA neutron analysis that studies drugs that are clinically

Commonly Prescribed Drug Effectively Treats Infants with Epilepsy

Most commonly prescribed drug

Older Adults Still Prescribed Risky Sedatives

While medications known as benzodiazepines help many people sleep

Placebo Pills Help Fight Cancer-related Fatigue

Power of placebo pills, even when fully disclosed to cancer patients might be

Haryana: First AMRIT Pharmacy Inaugurated

Union Health Minister J.P Nadda inaugurated Haryana's first AMRIT pharmacy

New Way to Make Drug Testing More Efficient Devised

New device created by McMaster University engineers could make drug

Novel Drug can Reverse Brain Deficits caused by Alcohol

A new drug identified can help reboot the

Symptoms of Alcoholism Make It Difficult to Take the Drug That Treats Alcoholism

Symptoms of alcoholism make it difficult for some people to regularly

Opioid Termination may be More Promising for Treating Depression

Complete suspension of opioid (analgesic or pain killer) in

Sale of Illegal Antibiotics to be Banned in India?

Multinational pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing

Single Dose Primaquine Helps Reduce Malaria Transmission

Low-dose primaquine was found to stop

Common Allergy Medication Reduces Relapses in Patients With Neuromyelitis Optica

bBottom Line/b: The addition of cetirizine, a popular allergy medication sold

Extending Natalizumab Dosing Reduces Its Deadly Side Effects

Extending natalizumab dosing from every 4 weeks to every 5 to 12 weeks

Novel Combination of Arthritis Drug and Light Therapy to Treat Vitiligo

A novel combination therapy, an arthritis medication and light, was used to

How Do Antidepressants Work?

Antidepressants interact with the protein that transports serotonin

Bevacizumab Drug Shows Promising Results in the Treatment of Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia

Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) patients

New Source of Botox Found in Strain of Animal Gut Bacteria

bA new source of Botox/b has been found in a strain of animal gut bacteria known

Nearly 1 in 5 Ibuprofen Users Exceed The Daily Dosage Limit

Users of ibuprofen or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) do not

Hepatitis C Drug Found to be Effective Against Zika

A drug used to treat Hepatitis C

Gene Studies can Explain Leprosy Origin and it's Drug Resistance

Genes associated with antibiotic resistance to

Side-effects of Herbal Products That Contain Drugs Revealed

Products commonly known as bherbal products often have drug

WHO Pre-qualifies Bharat Biotech's Rotavirus Vaccine

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has awarded pre-qualification

Vitamin D Supplements Help Ease Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Painful symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) like abdominal

Protection Against Influenza Made Better By a New Vaccine Discovery

A key vaccine to unlock the lethal effects of

Novel Antibiotics Identification Becomes Faster with Computational Methods


Prescription Drug Labels Provide Scant Dosing Guidance

One in six children and

Immunization Rates can be Increased by Intimating People about Vaccinations

Immunization rate against infectious disease

Birth Control Pills for Men from Arrow Poison Coming Soon

Ouabain, a plant extract is soon to be formulated as a birth control pill for men

New Antifungal Compound may Work on Superbugs

A bnew drug compound that kills drug-resistant Candida auris/b (C. auris

Quantitative Risk Assessment Tool for Drug Racemisation

A new method to test the likelihood of a drug turning into a

Supercharging Antibiotics to Destroy Superbugs


Paracetamol During Pregnancy may Affect Future Fertility of Female Offspring

Taking paracetamol during pregnancy may impair the

Trastuzumab Addition to Chemotherapy Has No Negative Effect on Cardiac Health

Long-term follow-up results of the NRG Oncology trial NSABP

ADHD Medications may be a Protective Factor for Prevention of STDs

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) increases the risk of

Nanotechnology Uses Bacteria for Drug Delivery

By using bacterial flagella as a template for silica, a research

Medical Marijuana Usage by Patients is Being Studied

Marijuana is used by about 1 out of 7 adults who visit the medical offices

Chronic Pain: Risk for Opioid-related Death

More than half of individuals who died from an bopioid

Effectiveness of Two Different Opioid Treatment Drugs Found to be Similar

Two pharmacologically distinct medications used to

Opioid Prescribers Can Influence Prescription Use, Addiction

Primary care physicians, surgeons and non-physician

Alternative Therapeutics to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

Avoiding bantibiotics/b to treat mild bugs may help bpreserve drug

New Computational Strategies Help Develop New Peptide Therapeutics

New computational strategies developed can help in designing new

Do Local Economical Factors Influence the Opioid Prescription?

The local prescription of opioid pain killers is highly

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