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Drug for Opioid Use Disorder may Reduce Rearrest and Reconviction Chances

People with opioid use disorder in jail may have reduced chances of rearrest

New Method to Increase Effectiveness of Nanomedicines Developed

A novel, effective way of preventing the

Effectiveness of Osteoporosis Drugs Tested!

Persistence of osteoporosis drugs in bone for preventing

Researchers Recommend to Prescribe Aspirin Based on Benefit-to-Risk Ratio

Aspirin use was restricted by the recent

Osteoporosis Drug Boosts Immune Response in Lungs

Bisphosphonates, the standard osteoporosis

Drug Holds Potential in Treating Advanced Endometrial Cancer

Immunotherapy drug currently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug

Legalization of Cannabis Has Resulted in Increased Poisoning

Legalization of commercial cannabis edibles in Canada has led

Relatlimab With Nivolumab Improves Progression-free Survival in Melanoma

Combination of immune checkpoint

Trial Demonstrates Improvements in Immunosuppressants for Aplastic Anemia

Eltrombopag addition to standard immunosuppressive treatment is safe

Can Antidepressant Medication Ease Arthritis Pain?

Whether duloxetine, a medication that is prescribed to treat

Drug Combo Downs Narcotic Use and Manages Pain Post-Surgery

Combining intrathecal morphine and

Is Pandemic Associated With Use Of Psychotropic Drugs In Children

Use of the psychotropic drug in children might be linked with the before and

Opioid Prescribing Reduces, But Cuts Not Uniform: Study

Prescription opioids from retail

Combination of Rifampicin and Resveratrol to Treat Dementia

Rifampicin could remove oligomers from the brain

Common Flower Species Holds Promise for Beneficial Hallucinogenic Drugs

A symbiotic relationship between fungus and many species of morning

New Target for Universal Influenza Vaccine

New Achilles heel of influenza virus discovered by Scripps Research

Ketamine Therapy Helps Reduce Suicidal Thoughts

Treatment with ketamine has a short-term

Threat of Antibiotic Resistance May Be Curbed By Combined Action of Virus and Bacteria

Block Your Pain With the Aid of Deadly Toxin

Scientists uncover a new way to silence multiple types of pain through a

New Blood-thinning Drugs are Less Prescribed for Elderly and At-risk Patients

New blood-thinning drugs called direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs

New Method Helps Find Effective Drug Therapies

V-SYNTHES technology

New Treatment Could Reverse Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance could be

Bupropion May Not Improve Sexual Desire in Cancer Survivors

Dopaminergic agent bupropion might not improve sexual

Potential Cure for Tropical Parasitic Disease Identified

In animal models, combining two agents to block a

Prescribing Abortion Pill Without Restrictions Found Safe

Abortion remains safe after Canada removed restrictions on the medical abortion

Research Team Develops Anticoagulants With High Efficacy

Thrombin inhibitors were modified as more potent

Potential Drug for Alzheimer's Disease

Potential candidate drug for Alzheimer's

Microplastic Pollution Aids Antibiotic Resistance

The ultraviolet aging of

New Antibiotics Produced by Gene Editing

A novel way of manipulating key assembly line enzymes

Psychedelics Hold Potential in Treating Mental Illness

Psychedelics could combat several forms of mental illness and, in mice, have

Oral Pill to Treat Anemia

Zydus Cadila, the pharma giant, has sought approval from the Drug Controller

New Report Forecasts Sepsis Drug Market

The sepsis and septic shock market is expected to experience

Hepatitis Drug Raises Antibiotic Potency, Downs Resistance

Telaprevir, an FDA-approved drug for hepatitis C can

New Drug Discovered for Asthma and Other Obstructive Lung Diseases

A different class of (and) #946;-agonists, known as

Gut Microbiome Responsive to IBS Dietary Therapy Identified

Distinct gut bacterial profile responsive

Single-dose HPV Vaccine Highly Effective

A single dose of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine was

New and Safe Oral Pill for Prevention of Venous Blood Clots

Milvexian an effective

Repurposed Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Drug Against Rare Genetic Disorder

Riluzole, a repurposed ALS (amyotrophic lateral

Statins Linked to Lowered Death Risk from COVID-19

Statins, which are used to lower the cholesterol levels

Guidelines for Early Parkinson's Disease

Guideline for the treatment of early

New Drug to Reverse Paralysis

New class of drugs helps reverse paralysis after a single

Penicillin Cuts Rheumatic Heart Disease Progression

In children and

Innovative Compound for Pain Relief

Pain relief can be now provided by a newly developed

New Anti-inflammatory Drug Target Discovered

A new metabolic enzyme studied in

Impact of Dopamine and Placebo on SSRIs

Levels of dopamine and the placebo effect may

Role of Gut-skin Axis in Rare Skin Condition

Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), a rare skin disease may be a good

Parkinson's Treatment Boosted by Gene Therapy

Zinc supplements Stave Off Respiratory Infection Symptoms

A zinc supplement helps stave

New Test Helps Determine Antibiotic Resistance in Less Than 90 Minutes

A new test developed by

Chronic Use of Hydroxychloroquine Ups Risk of Retinopathy

Hydroxychloroquine increases the

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