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New Combo Lowers Side Effects of Once-popular Diabetes Drug

Compound A activates G protein-coupled receptor 120 (

New Way to Design Powerful, Safer Drugs Identified

"What if we could redesign drugs to keep their benefits while

New Drug Targets for Alcoholic Liver Disease Identified

Scientists from

Top Tips for Staying on Top of Your Medications During COVID-19 Pandemic Revealed

During COVID-19 pandemic, many patients with

Researchers Develop Pharmacotherapy To Treat Polycystic Hepatorena

Polycystic hepatorenal diseases are genetic disorders characterized by the

Save More Lives In ICU By Better Antibiotic Dosing

More lives could be saved in intensive care units (ICU) if new antibiotic

ICMR, Bharat Biotech Tie Up for COVID-19 Vaccine

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR

How Acid Suppressants Raise the Risk of Dementia Explained

How the long-term use of proton pump inhibitors could increase the

Olanzapine Reduces Nausea, Vomiting Among Cancer Patients


Metformin Protects Breastfed Children

Treating a

Drug Saves Lives of Children Fighting Fatal Immune Disease

Emapalumab saved a child suffering from HLH. Although the 34-patient study

Blood Thinners Help Improve Survival Among Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

In treating hospitalized COVID-19 patients, anticoagulants or

World's First Coronavirus Vaccine Developed in Italy

World's first coronavirus vaccine has been successfully developed

Remdesivir to be Used to Treat Seriously Ill COVID-19 Patients in America

Most seriously ill COVID-19 patients will be treated with the antiviral

Study Highlights Drug Usage Pattern From Old to Young

Drug overdose epidemic emerged abruptly among the Baby

Two Existing Drugs Hold Potential to Treat COVID-19

Using repurposed drugs to treat COVID-19 would greatly reduce the time needed to

PCSK9 Inhibitor With Statin Does Not Cause Loss in Memory, Mental Skills in High-risk Patients: Study

In heart disease patients, taking evolocumab in

Antiviral Drug Remdesivir Offers New Hope for COVID-19 Patients

The US Food and Drug Administration

Recent Review Casts Doubt on Use of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 Patients

The new review has described the growing skepticism regarding

Diabetes Drugs Protect Against Serious Kidney Problems

Sodium glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors which are primarily used

New Drug Formulation Effectively Treats Candida Infections

Candidiasis treatment could be improved using new drug formulation. Specific

Knowledge on Asthma Medications Improve Future Treatment

X-ray CT scanning helps to quantify the tiny microstructures of

Chronic Use of Corticosteroids Increases Adrenal Gland Inflammation

Synthetic corticosteroid drugs, when used for

Study Sheds Light on Action of Key Tuberculosis Drug

New study has shed light on how an important front-line

New Malaria Vaccine Candidate Revealed

A promising new strategy for combating malaria, a mosquito-borne

Lopinavir/ritonavir, Arbidol Can't Treat COVID-19 Adults

No drug improves the clinical outcome of patients hospitalized with mild-to-

Medication Needs of Masses Changes Due to COVIDd-19

The pandemic has suddenly changed the medication needs of masses

New Drug Downs The Spread of Influenza Causing Virus

Baloxavir with trade name Xofluza, is the first treatment for influenza with a

Aspirin Reduces Bowel Cancer Risk

Aspirin was found to be associated with reduction in the risk

Remdesivir Targets a Vital Enzyme of Coronavirus

Remdesivir is highly effective in stopping the replication of

BCG Vaccine May Not Protect Against COVID-19: WHO

BCG vaccine may not prevent infection with the novel coronavirus

People Buying Paracetamol Will Now be Identified

Kanpur administration has directed all pharmacies to register the

Convalescent Plasma to Help Combat COVID-19

Scientists are working to collecting and

Life-threatening Side Effects of Hydroxychloroquine Revealed


Newer Drug Reduces Pulmonary Complications

Improved outcomes of newer drug in

Antiviral Heading to Trial Offers Hope for COVID-19 Patients

EIDD-2801, the new antiviral drug shows promise in reducing

Less Expensive, More Effective Pneumonia Vaccines are Tested in Humans, Says Study

A new pneumonia vaccine that is more effective and less

Modifying Anti-cancer Drugs Helps Kill More Cancer Cells

Structural and biochemical differences among

Rotavirus Vaccine May Protect Children Against COVID-19

Scientists are exploring rotavirus to develop a vaccine that will

COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Shows Promise

A potential new vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the new

Patients Taking Certain Steroids at High Risk for COVID-19

Asthma, allergy, arthritis patients using glucocorticoids on a routine basis

Teprotumumab, First FDA-approved Drug for Thyroid Eye Disease Proves Effective

Regardless of patient gender, age or smoking status, teprotumumab, the first FDA

Diabetes Drugs Effective in Reducing Heart, Kidney Disease

Two types of diabetes drugs namely SGLT2

Vericiguat Drug may Improve Outcomes in Patients with Worsening Heart Failure

An investigational drug vericiguat

Rivaroxaban Better in Preventing Blood Clots After Ortho Surgeries

Rivaroxaban lowers the chance of serious thromboembolism more

Ticagrelor Alone Provides Benefit in Diabetic Patients

Diabetic patients who stopped using

COVID-19 and Angiotensin Medications: New Insights

Heart and kidney patients should keep taking their

Investigational Drug to Prevent Heart Disease May Treat Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer cells become detached from their point of origin

Aspirin a Day Does Not Keep Dementia at Bay, Says Study

Daily dose of aspirin provided no benefit to study participants at

Solution to Life-threatening Side Effect Identified

Paracetamol, the commonly used painkiller, when administered

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